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  1. Also, the UK has a political stability rating of 18%. I know things are whacky here right now but 18% puts us in the category of civil war. Oh and singapore has no score less than 91% for any category. Totally legit.
  2. It definitely varies between dealers. GS.be only supply single coins in baggies, if they are standard bullion. Usually if a coin comes in a mint tube then they come in baggies for singles. I think coininvest/silver-to-go are the same. Bullion-by-post sent me a 1/4 oz gold coin in a baggie too, which surprised me. Some dealers do send coins in capsules every time. They tend to be the smaller dealers like silvertrader.uk or eldoradocoins.de. They are of course a little more expensive usually, but I find service to be better generally.
  3. I never do this, but im gonna go ahead and plug one of my videos from a while ago on this very topic:
  4. Bloody Nora you have some unreal collections mate! What a stunning set. Excellent fair price too. Hopefully someone can give these all a new home with all their brothers and sisters together!
  5. Its been free to download for years now. And although he is not everyones cup of tea, the book really is an excellent record of monetary history. Everyone should read it for that information alone. I didnt even read the last part which is actually to do with buying PMs.
  6. Yeh this is something that takes most newbie by surprise. The density of these metals is such that items are always far smaller than the inexperienced would think. I remember my first oz of silver and thinking how small is was. Then my first 1/4 oz gold I was taken aback by the size of it. I thought at first someone had accidentally sent me a 1/10 oz! If big gold is your game, save up for the 50 pesos piece. My gold its gorgeous, and thick too!
  7. "honest, authoritative, fact-based reporting" This actually makes me sick. It would make me laugh but for the fact that their "journalists" are literally working against democracy every single day. I cannot believe anyone can sit a read their gutter paper every day, except maybe to keep touch with what the crazies are saying. Every single character of grievance you can name has written or currently writes for that paper.
  8. Mine arrived today and is in top shape. Sorry to hear it hasn’t been handled well!
  9. StackerNoob


    At those prices I'd go brits. I like philharmonics but there is a preference for brits more generally.
  10. Chiming in with my personal favourite, the 1kg Umicore. Lovely chuck and fondleable unlike PAMP!
  11. Agreed. Awful stuff. I'd rather just give the £10 to charity
  12. Glad to hear it. Looks like they are fixing their issues. They were slated on this forum a couple years ago, and for good reason IMO, but its always good to have competition in this space so I'm pleased they are turning things around
  13. Late to the chat here but I just wanted to make one point. When people ask "if X gets to Y price, who the hell would buy that", they are fundementally misunderstanding how the markets work. If silver gets to £30, it gets there because people ARE buying at that price. The price of anything in a marketis dictated by the last sale price. Of course its never that simple with PMs and the manipulated spot market and the disconnect to physical prices, but the point remains. The price is the price because that is what people are paying.
  14. My order has now been shipped so anyone who managed to buy one I reckon you’ll be notified soon
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