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  1. How you enjoying the kilo? I love these bars but for my the kilo sticks out a little, it’s almost too chunky, but I’ve never seen one in hand. What would you say is a reasonable price for the 10 oz?
  2. Money is only useful if you intend to use it. And the way you used it gave you something that is hard to put a price on - memories.
  3. Also interested in the results here. From the measurements you gave its not miles out, within the margin of error I would say. I'm going to give this a good chance of being real, but let's see what the tests said...
  4. I doubt it. I think they will simply have "pickers" whose job it is to pull out the best examples straight off the production line. We will be treated to the rest that they deemed not good enough.
  5. Just received this little beauty! Cheers to @OriginalS for the trade!
  6. I’d be very surprised if this was a fake. It’s an awful lot of trouble to go through for a single item because the design is pretty complex.
  7. Hi all, Having seen how popular the marvel coins are becoming, I have decided to sell mine. I really like these coins, but I’m not as wed to them as mega fans would be, so happy to let them go. In an auction on this site just yesterday, this exact set went for a final price of £386, plus postage. So, to encourage interest, I will be asking for £385, and I will include special delivery postage in that price. Alternatively, I am looking to rebalance my stack for more gold, and will likely put any proceeds from this sale towards that. So, if anyone wants to swap this set for a 1/4 oz gold, please let me know. I’d be happy to top up your purchase with a few extra quid to make up for any small value difference if swapping for gold. Cheers all! Added 0 minutes later... A few more pics
  8. Interesting indeed. Its good to know, if this is whats actually occurring, that the laws of supply and demand are still able to influence price for silver. It also means that its entirely possible to break the comex system. Surely if others holding comex claims see a big spike in demand for delivery, it will spark a run on the comex? In any case, I'm glad I have my physical tucked away safely a securely!
  9. I always recommend them to others. Ive spent probably a couple thousand with them by now. Flawless services every time, prices are perfect for smaller orders considering postage fees
  10. Seems the hammered finish is the in thing haha
  11. No need to say anything here, just look at it!
  12. A total stunner from @BackyardBullion, just opened this morning. A perfect fiddle piece for my home desk. I've done an unboxing so keep an eye out in the next couple days!
  13. You absolutely caught them red-handed. I would never accept a low-ball offer after the fact if I had nothing to do with the bidding activity. Its an admission of guilt for sure.
  14. 1. 420 (because we all know @5huggy likes to Blaaaaaazzzzzeee bois) 2. 69 (because we all know @5huggy likes to...wait a sec...)
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