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  1. I have two, the Lion and the Griffin, but only because I got the Lion cheap and the Griffin is my favourite design. I would never buy them otherwise.
  2. Ha cheers for the plug! No worries man. If you do fancy talking to me then you know what to do 🙂
  3. If parting with the cash is an issue, perhaps you'd do a swap deal? If you've got any libertads you fancy moving on, I'd happily swap for 10 of them. I'd also take 1/4 oz gold. PM if you want to.
  4. Honestly for ages I used my iphone. Its less about camera quality and more about the lighting and angles. Use natural light near a window, but not direct sunlight and never artificial light. Have the background as contrasting a colour as possible (i like to use black for silver and gold). Then just play around with angles until you get the one you want!
  5. Happens to us all at some point. Its a good learning experience.
  6. Seconded. This listing is interesting to me but I need to know whats on offer
  7. Listen mate where you choose to pierce your body in no business of ours.
  8. Watch that collectors instinct as it can be a downfall here. Choose a few collections you like and stick to them. Its tempting to try and complete as many sets of coins as you can when you first start out, but you will only lose money trying to chase those sets to completion. Pick up newer series and collections that are still on the early releases and itll pay dividends. Welcome aboard, better late than never!
  9. Hi folks, **PLEASE FORGIVE ANY SLOW RESPONSES DURING THE DAY. I'M PRETTY BUSY AT WORK RIGHT NOW. FIRST TO ASK WILL BE PRIORITISED** I have been toying with the idea to sell these coins for a long time now. I have finally come to the decision that its time to let them go to a new home. This decision has not been easy to make, I absolutely love these things but the money will be very useful to me just now as I need to decorate! All coins come in their original, unopened capsules. No damage to any coin or capsule (minus the odd very minor scratch to capsules, but totall
  10. I have bought close to half my stack here on TSF. Its the only place on the internet I have close to complete confidence when buying second hand.
  11. Nah its fine just tell him to chuck it in his wallet, its legal tender after all.
  12. Ah yep thats right. 100kg is easier to move than 1000kg!
  13. Wasnt that stolen or something a little while back?
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