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  1. Picked this up from the folks at Auction World Japan. A well-graded RD example of a fairly recent (well, if 100+ yrs old is recent) issue. I didn't have this year so a nice addition to the Farthing collection at a great price even with the BP and shipping from Japan. I'd rather not have the smudge to the left of the king's nose but it's not a scratch so I can live with it until a better example comes up for sale/auction.
  2. Question for the group...I bought all the Edward VII silver I sent to Numi for submission from the well-known, well-respected British coin dealer Michael Gouby. Michael's always been a straight shooter and even made exceptions to sell and send coins to me in the US. My concern is a good number of those coins came back from NGC in Details-Cleaned. None of the coins were described as such on his site. I honestly don't believe Michael was attempting to be deceiving but I did pay good money for those coins. Is it possible that even a seasoned dealer such as Michael wouldn't have known they were cleaned? And now, I guess I need to watch the YouTube videos of how to break coins out of slabs as I'd planned to sell/auction these after grading but unless it's a rare/highly desirable coin, a Details grade is pretty much a dagger in the heart. Thoughts?
  3. After stepping back from the Forums a few years ago, I swore off all modern coins/rounds and began putting together a high grade British Farthing collection from 1821-1956 when the coin was removed from circulation. Below is my latest pick-up and I couldn't be happier. Amazing toning on this copper cutie and in-hand, the toning is swirls of purple and blue (which you can kinda pick up on the obverse photo).
  4. Good Afternoon Gents...back from the grave. I think Steve is correct. Like so many modern rounds and coins, this was the flavor of the month for a brief period of time and then it wasn't. There was one more release after Sobek and that was Khnum, the ram-headed god of the Nile River. That was a little over a year ago. I checked on Provident's page this morning and a collector left a comment in April asking if they planned to release additional rounds but no response from the dealer.
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