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  1. eppteink

    Red spots on coin

    This, some dealers will just tell you its bullion (same for silver coins), and they are kinda right. Buffalos are to add weight on your stack. However I kinda see your side, pay 1.4k+ and the coin isnt perfect its a pain in the bum.
  2. Hey there, sure. I lowered the price to 19£ so you can get this price instead of 20£. However the shipping price is still 15£ because im shipping from Portugal. Are you okay with that?
  3. Hello everyone, Selling 20 eagles / 10 bufalos Shipping is 15£ / payment accepted: transferwise / cryptocurrencies Let me know if you have any question
  4. Damnnn maybe the 2 oz silver isnt enough for me and I have to collect the 10 oz´s eheh
  5. Agree but money can give you quality time. You trade your time for money most of your life, if you have enuff money your time will be used in things you enjoy doing.
  6. Hello everyone, Those have milk spots and come without tube. Shipping is 15£ and package will be sent the 12th (Monday).
  7. Pm me, I have 20 in excelent condition. No tube
  8. My 2 cents: If you can get some sweet price/oz for silver go for it (which is very hard ATM) I feel like Gold price is high atm, but who knows where it will stop right? Also if your strategy is to stack more OZ with less £ stick to low premium gold like maples, brits, etc... You could even buy the last 1/4 queens beast if you want something that may apreciate in value. If I had hundreds of ozs of silver and zero gold I would diversify in gold.
  9. Would you like to trade 2 x 1 oz gold maples for 2800£ worth of bitcoin?
  10. ATH for €, 1608€ per oz, waiting for 2k€
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