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  1. Yes I agree with all of your points there Lawrence. I could and normally would have put a direct link to assist but the title, description etc didn’t help really. I then read your last comment and think to myself. “ Is he being funny with me there?” I don’t know
  2. Thanks for the link. I wasn’t aware these rounds existed.
  3. That’s the first thing that stood out to me. Normally stamped dollars not 1/10
  4. Hi everyone Haven't posted for a while but after seeing the following coin for sale on EBay I wanted to put my “doubting mind” to rest Everything is wrong about this coin below isn’t it?
  5. Seen them sell for between £35 - £40 with sleeve Think first one in series may sell for over £40
  6. Hi there Has anyone managed to grab a 2020 or 2021 1/10 somali elephant and willing to sell? Thanks
  7. Yep I don’t like it @kimchi. Wasn’t keen on the design and after watching video below it just confirmed it for me. Skip to 2 min 40. By the way the author Silverkev has some fantastic coins from the Perth mint. He lives 10 mins away lol
  8. The gold proof mintages for fractional Britannia’s has always been tricky to obtain. Chards used to have loads of excellent info on their old website called tax free gold but it’s all gone now
  9. Hi there Has anyone bought one of these or can recommend what’s a decent price for one? Mintage is 7500. They look nice but I’m unsure if the bimetallic design will affect its popularity and value. Thank you
  10. Today’s levels for Shell RDSB are very tempting. Definitely a long term hold but these low levels are almost unprecedented. There is a price war between the Saudis and Russians which could drag on but it’s not sustainable long term. In addition Shale gas in the states is suffering big time and a result and the companies do not have the deep pockets of the dirty oil competitors. It is possible some of them will go bust and therefore should provide a boost to Shells share price. Another one for consideration is EasyJet. Suffering more than most currently but it’s nearly half the price it was 6 weeks ago. EasyJet is also planning to take on some of Flybe profitable domestic routes going forward. Hoovering up some routes from Thomas cook and Norwegian air close to going under will see further lifts.
  11. Prices are crazy. Previous big releases from RM were around £60/65 per Oz for silver proof. Now it’s £90 plus. With so many variants of sizes and sets and constant new releases its all a bit daft really. I’ve noticed this more and more and that’s just in the last 3 yrs since I became interested in PM’s
  12. Thought there was to be a 5oz silver coin?
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