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  1. @Connor merged your post into the main topic. Plenty of discussion happening over here on RM 3G
  2. The second character is 赠 = Gift. @mr1030 it basically meant this coin used to be a commemorative gift from the two person named on the right.
  3. Now RM is in the market in toying stock availability huh after changing the mintages for different QB releases...
  4. I have managed to snap up my share to complete the collection as well. Surprised this last coin sold out within a day given the higher mintage of this release. Never a fan of RM changing the mintages of a series from time to time.... started with 2,500 for the quarter proof Lion to 1,000 for the Hound.
  5. HyHy

    2021 Panda BU

    Seems like a nice coin but bullion gold is still a tad too high for me
  6. Welcome @billyscott and hope you enjoy your stay here in the forum!
  7. If you are confident your coin is a potential PF70 candidate, the premium of limited releases definitely higher but not sure if 1k mintage for 1oz gold proof is considered as rare I do have a MS70 2017 1/4oz gold BU which has a mintage of 500 sitting here but since Libertad collectors are still a niche group the demand is not as high as you would like to.
  8. Hi @Kenny merging your topic with this since it is for the same item.
  9. Hi @GoldenSilver welcome to TSF! Hope you will enjoy your stay here
  10. Hi @JBrans welcome to TSF! Looking forward on more discussion with you on stacking and collecting
  11. Welcome to the forum @Zolee hope you will enjoy your time here with other members of the forum
  12. Hi Ellip, The release sequence for proof coins is slightly different from their bullion counterpart. As of now the Griffin will be the last design to be released for the proof coin.
  13. Great feature @ChrisSilver! Then I could stop changing the charts on my iPhone every month
  14. Surprised that Royal Mint decided to launch the second design of the series so soon... Not sure how the first design fare in the secondary market but doubt this one will sell out as fast as the first design.... '
  15. Yes it is basically the gold bullion coin in Malaysia which is traded based on the daily gold price. It is still available for purchase from the bank in Malaysia. https://www.maybank2u.com.my/maybank2u/malaysia/en/personal/wealth/gold_silver/kijang_emas_gold_bullion_coins.page?
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