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  1. Went to one of those wife swapping parties last night. Bloody great, got a new lawnmower!
  2. Easy one, or not, as the case maybe. Could it be better to sell the first 9 QB's 'now' or wait until all 10 are out and the market is flooded? Type about this for a bit🙂
  3. As said, acetone, if you can't get any, nail varnish remover. It shouldn't effect the silver
  4. May take ten, but will have to see how much I haven't got
  5. Got blocked by one of those women's rights marches. All I did was to ask to see the bloke in charge
  6. I hate people who take drugs Like custom officers and policemen
  7. The video's will start tomorrow, it maybe a long trip
  8. If any company was to say their monster boxes have been opened and one or two tubes have been checked, I'd have no problem. You are going to have to do that yourself anyway, yet to say a box is untouched, that's different. I always film when opening stuff ordered online, then no one can say it wasn't what they sent.
  9. Easy one again 1 oz (maybe 2 oz) silver bullion coins Total of, maybe up to 11 oz's Milk spots and light scratches not a problem
  10. When buying doesn't it take a few days to go down and an hour to go up?
  11. Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman walk in to a pub. Barman Say's "What's this, some kind of a joke?"
  12. Mate comes running up to me shouting 'It's a boy, it's a boy!' Last time we go to Thailand
  13. Easy one Start off at spot of right now £367.02 Postage of your choice Finishes at 20.00 BST Monday
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