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  1. I've got a spare set of all 11 2 oz bullion, trying to look up the price to see if it's worth selling. There all over the place, from £675 to £950 and they were for sets of the 10 coins, no completer. Ideas?
  2. Simple one. Hit me with your best shot
  3. Right you lot, a bargain!! 55 George V and VI Half Crowns 32 George V and VI Florins 15 George V and VI Shillings Which is 19.5 oz of silver, or as near as my scales and poor grasp maths can get. £430 plus your choice of postage, or pickup in person BT, or cash if picking up. These are sold as weight, however there are some quite nice coins in amongst the lot. Any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Slight possibility of a swap.
  4. It's not a true middle C as most piano's are not tuned at A440Hz
  5. Last of my 'spare' Gillick head Sov's £330 each plus postage of your choice, or pickup in person if you're near enough. Payment by BT, or cash if picking up. Buy all five @£325 each and free postage. Any questions and I will do my best to answer them.
  6. Here's one. Got the book, Turkey really was buggered, along with the rest of them
  7. From @Jorge Just that little bit more.
  8. Could well be right, however wouldn't it be more like the normal coin, as in it being matt?
  9. That is kind of what I was thinking, however the strike doesn't look proof like in anyway.
  10. Got these in my change. The one on the left is the normal version, well it's the same as any others I've. On the other hand there is the one on the right... Idea's?
  11. Not as yet, I was kind of joking, but I can have a sort out
  12. If you wish to collect la large amount I do have some for sale, 40 oz's, so 20 oz's of silver, enough to get you started?
  13. Just that little bit more, yep down the pub!
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