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  1. If/when you do buy always go through a letting agency, they protect you from bad tenants and them from bad landlords. Sometimes it can be worth getting in touch with the council just to ask if everything is up to standard or or do you need do do anything before letting out (this should be done by an agency, yet this can give an extra level of protection)and can put you in their good books before you even start. Are you willing to 'lose' £50 a month or spend £X if anything goes wrong? I don't rent out myself but me parents, brother and sister do.
  2. I've got a number of odd size capsules you can have, A little old but no cracks, just pay the postage and there're yours
  3. I want to move away completely from any type of collector style coin and just go for UK CGT free bullion. Could this be a good time to sell the Lunar II set I have? Over to you good people
  4. If your looking just for weight, the cheapest. Also a good mix of different stuff, as above, Brits, Maples, Kooks, or go for the so called 'junk' pre 1947 at 50%
  5. Every little helps, from Silverpaolo
  6. Just seen the prices on ebay for the 2008, well over £30 when including postage, some going for over £45!! Got 17 of them, so here £21-22 each?
  7. After having a look round and having seen that Maples seem to be a good few pounds cheaper than Phil's. The Austrian mint seems to mint as much as they want and the price of silver is the 'same' for everyone. Any idea why this is a thing, or am I missing something?
  8. It does sound silly to have such wildly different prices form the same dealer for the same coin. Surely it must be easier to sell the coin at a set price, in this case maybe $150? If a company can make a profit at £125 then $150 all the better and no back lash from customers. And don't put them on sale until you have full stock
  9. That doesn't sound so good. Thinking about it I can see that they may need a day or so to get things ready, but any longer than that isn't on.
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