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  1. I think I went to Coincraft about a year ago, as I said think it was coincraft, and got some half crowns for under spot
  2. OK, OK, OK. I'll put the price down a bit £325! Your last chance
  3. Right! One Washburn J28SDL-12 Cumberland. Solid Spruce top, maple back and sides, maple neck, 3 ply bound rosewood fretboard, rosewood bridge, gold plated 18/1 Grover tuners, abalone rosette. £375 ono.
  4. I've seen 70's SG copies from Japan better than that
  5. Am I too late for a 2 oz Queens Beasts box? Colour doesn't matter
  6. Safes are all well and good, yet if someone wants what's inside they are going to get given enough time. All safes really do is keep the common or garden thief away from the stuff inside. They want to be in and out ASAP, they are not going to be bothering with a safe. Much more likely is that your telly has gone. Saying that, a safe is a good idea, don't have to spend that much, as long as it is fixed to the wall or floor. Most of all keep it out of sight and never in the bedroom. Cupboard under the stairs, covered in stuff you can't keep anywhere else. If you don't need to touch it for a
  7. I look at it this way, get £200 of 50p's. Sort though them in 10 mins. Find a duck or the like. Sell. 3 pints for 50p!
  8. I'd ask for a refund on the postage at least. But if just stacking for weight, is really that much of a problem? 10% refund?
  9. Went to one of those wife swapping parties last night. Bloody great, got a new lawnmower!
  10. Easy one, or not, as the case maybe. Could it be better to sell the first 9 QB's 'now' or wait until all 10 are out and the market is flooded? Type about this for a bit🙂
  11. As said, acetone, if you can't get any, nail varnish remover. It shouldn't effect the silver
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