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  1. tallthinkev

    Sell some?

    As the price, as you know, has gone a bit silly. Now do I sell some of my gold, Sov's anyway and keep the rest? Get rid of 4/5 Sov's, at what, £375 at this very moment? But why sell? Wouldn't mind a new bike, my laptop is not as good it once was and I need a new sofa. However there is a 'catch' I can't have the DWP finding out, so cash only. Would any one go for that? Type about this for a while.🙂
  2. Being a Kev of very little brain, is land a good thing to go for? Round my way buying any kind of house, flat, garage, phone box is well out of the range of just about everyone. The cheapest I've seen was a one bed, run down, in not the nicest part of town and it went for near £200,000! So that's out. If I was to buy anything in the UK, well I can't afford it in the first place, than add on council tax, and it makes it a no go. The only place I can really think of is the US. A few acres in, say WV, NC or KY, with water front and quids in? I'm not looking to develope plus I can buy outright and the taxes seem silly. Just hire out for camping, hunting, shooting and fishing. $50 a week? What's the catch?
  3. Brit's from @arphethean and another 2020 Sov
  4. As the title Proofs from cook Islands, Gib, Turks and Caicos, Fiji Only Tower Bridge bar left Chard year of the lion £165 Plus your choice of postage Maybe open to exchange Always open to offers
  5. Some are toned and one has some small scratches. The 2001 is quite nice. £88 plus postage of your choice. Maybe open to exchange
  6. If you have the room guitars. Five of the nine hanging in my living room wall are worth more than I bought them for. The last one I flipped quickly cost £9, after I gave it a service and new strings (£5), sold it for £114, and it's not worth that amount. I've been doing it for 15-20 years, and I know what I need to look out for. A JV or SQ (very early made in Japan) Squier could well be up for £120-150, I know I can sell them for £400-600. I did let a 1984 ES-335 go for £1200, bought it for £750. Now if I had kept til now £2250+ but hey
  7. Do you not mean silver? As for selling at £380 for a Sov, not too bad, and no postage. May even get a £370 if paying cash
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