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  1. tallthinkev

    Queens Beasts

    If I buy from that site, I always film unpacking, more with silver and the like. Have my scales and magnet to hand and film without cuts. Will this cut down on all fakes, most likely not, but 90% yes.
  2. '57? Nah, necks to fat and the fretboard... like a maple board on my Fenders. Not letting my Tele Custom go
  3. Well chaps Already have a 2020 sov and now on order a 2020 half and double! Going for a 5 sov may take a little while. Anyone like some guitars?😁
  4. Could be the die was wearing out, something stuck on the die, or coin, just maybe a damaged planchet
  5. Ordered a double from Chards, slightly cheaper than RM
  6. A good price, me thinks no too bad https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/gold-coins/double-sovereign-2021-gold-bullion-coin/
  7. As the title says! I'd like a double sov, age doesn't matter too much, not really in to proofs unless the price is the same a bullion. Hit me with your best shot Maybe a set of half, full and double might be a goer
  8. Have dealers got hold of any?
  9. Having had a good at prices on line, for the double sov, an idea with such a difference? I'm not talking about proofs or any special just bog standard bullion. Anything from just over £700 to well over £900 for 2000's ones
  10. Another thought, platinum?
  11. 20oz more of silver and 3oz gold, hopefully more. Just got to sell some more guitars
  12. That not a three bad idea. Might go for the 2020 set, got a sov, so the half and double will be nice and that little bit cheaper
  13. Very nice, yet not really for me
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