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  1. A 58 and a fiver for a 62? Sorry, should have said 6 quid.
  2. No idea why, there were 3,000,000 minted
  3. Yep, see now reason why not. The only one I wish to have now is a 1962. Multi 58's 66'68's but not one 62.
  4. I'm not one for grading, much more of a stacker, yet. I have noticed the a very small number or Gillick head sov's are above MS 65. Of course it's unlikely I have one. There are quite a few that are MS 64 and 65, still not many. It seems you can pick up a 1925 more easy than a 58-68, at MS65/66. Is it worth grading a Gillick head as the population is low, if so how much more could they sell for verses the cost of the grading? Over to you.
  5. Horses. Ones at Kempton, Newmarket, Ripon, Ascot...
  6. It's all well and god to try to think of the design of the 2022 Sov will be. However what would you, if in charge what it to be? I'd like a Gillick head, shield back. Maybe worthy of it's own tread?
  7. The crown went to Ernest Augustus, Victoria's uncle and younger brother of George IV.
  8. As it looks like your in London, have walk down to Balwins or Sharps Pixey. You can see the coins and save on postage. Have had dealings with both and they are helpful too.
  9. Think that a bloke called James Richards is the top bloke at Fedex in the UK. Also think it costs £35 to serve court papers for small claims and name him. Of course being me, I well be wrong on both counts.
  10. Have to book? Have to book?? I can get there easy enough, well a whole 15 minutes on push bike. If I can I'll film and bung it on Youtube
  11. Easy one again 1958 1966 1968 £975 Free SD postage Payment by BT or cash if near enough to pick Any questions and I will do my best to answer them
  12. Easy one chaps One 2021 1/4 oz gold Brit £360 including SD BT or cash if you are near enough for pick up.
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