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  1. The obverse in more smooth to start with, so the whole hand. finger, pocket will rub against the total surface. The reverse has 'ridges' so the contact is less overall.
  2. WOT? No one? You could always make an offer
  3. Easy one, as the title. £60 including 2nd class signed for postage, if in the UK. Other postage, well that's up to the lucky... well you know. Payment by BT please. Any questions and I will do my best to answer them. A trade may be possible, depending on what you have.
  4. Just that little bit more, still down a pub
  5. Pack it very well, even tape the sides of the envelope, sent some coins and some chocolate to friends. The sides had been cut, they got nothing, nicked within the US
  6. Might be able to go to somewhere like B&Q and get some plastic pipe, cap off both ends, got a tube then
  7. But if we are naughty boys, we can't leave the step!
  8. Think we should just have a meet up without all the hassle of a coin show. Get p1ssed and talk s***, easy!😁
  9. Don't disagree, however there is always trade for X amount of bullion
  10. Just this, nothing else took my fancy.
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