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  1. Does depend on price
  2. I don't have much interest in proof coins, many do, but there not for me. Type about this for a bit🙂
  3. Nice easy one. £375 including SD. Maybe open to exchange.
  4. I wouldn't set out to do that. It will not go lower than what you paid it, yet in 10 years you may have missed a spike in the market. I have a price in mind when I buy, and when I see that price I sell. Even if it goes higher later on, I will have reached my target.
  5. If an auction house sells something, they will try to get as much info from the seller then check it themselves. Or course things can always slip through.
  6. Nah, not a gangster or a second hand car dealer, haven't even got a camel hair coat!😁
  7. Four Gillick different 1958's. Can't see anything first off, but then again the more sets of eyes, there could be a difference
  8. See my after school lad
  9. When they charge £6 a half, they can afford to give away real solid gold cans! When suing or court cases it's near always meet in the middle, I'd settle for, what, 7 1oz Brits, 30 Sovs?
  10. Any known errors or varieties with Gillick head Sov's? Had a look about, can't find anything.
  11. No idea, plenty of them, 3,000,000 minted, the 57 over 2million.
  12. Final reduction £795 plus post of your choice
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