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  1. No, it is far better to capture the best images possibel before doing any processing, so shoot on a white, or neutral grey card, then Photoshop it as required. GIGO! 😎
  2. No, I don't do it, but thanks for the mention. On the subect of words, I have just been reading a letter from "abrdb". Can anybody think of a stupider name for a company? 😎
  3. I am not trying to persuade anyone to use our storage, simply using our example to give perspective to the cost of insurance. Does your safe deposit box include insurance?, and if so up to what value? Our storage includes insurance, which makes it very competitive compared with any other rates I have seen. If you work out all the factors, I feel certain you will agree with me. I think you would find our storage becomes even more cost effective at higher values. We certainly have no intentions of putting a cap on our storage fees. If we do place any cap, it is more likely to be on the total amount of storage we provide, because our facilities may become full within a few years at this rate. We are already debating whether and how we could cost effectively add another strongroom on our site. Our overseas storage is less of a problem regarding volume and value limits. 😎
  4. Who mentioned Birmingham? 😎
  5. It looks like a bargain... ... until you go to checkout: Shipping price:£15.95 Total Price (including delivery): £38.37 IMPORT DUTIES NOT INCLUDED Although there will be no "import duties", you will probably have to pay VAT,which might be 20% of the total cost, adding another £7.67, subtotal £46.04, and there may also be a shipper's customs handling fee. Does this answer your question? Do you really want a QEII? This offer is for KCIII: https://www.chards.co.uk/2023-king-charles-iii-silver-britannia-bullion-1oz-coin/17653 Quantity Premium Price Per Item (Exc. VAT) Price Per Item (Inc. VAT) Total (Inc. VAT) Est UK Delivery 1 £3.50 £23.03 £27.64 £27.64 £3.50 5 £3.45 £22.98 £27.58 £137.90 £6.00 10 £3.45 £22.98 £27.58 £275.80 £6.00 25 £3.40 £22.93 £27.52 £688.00 £6.00 50 £3.20 £22.73 £27.28 £1,364.00 £11.00 100 £3.10 £22.63 £27.16 £2,716.00 £27.60 250 £3.10 £22.63 £27.16 £6,790.00 £30.60 500 £3.10 £22.63 £27.16 £13,580.00 £50.20 1000+ £3.10 £22.63 £27.16 £27,160.00 £100.40 So, for 1 piece £27.64 + £3.50 = £31.11 Your choice? ... and don't ask for free postage! 😎
  6. At least one dealer broke the RM embargo by sending out e-mails yesterday. This is a repeat offender. Doing this risks having your allocation / order cancelled / postponed, or having your trading agreement revoked. IMO, this is a ridiculous risk for an unfair short term gain, at the potential cost of a long term side effect. Anybody ordering from embargo breakers should be aware their orders are also at risk of being delayed or cancelled. In addition to this, do collectors / stackers / investors want to buy from dealers with such an unprofessional, unethical outlook? 😎
  7. There is some free advice here: https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/advice-guide-for-uk-bullion-investors/1041 Which you might find useful. 😎
  8. Being slightly pedantic, 1 coin does not constitute a set! But good luck with the sale. 😎
  9. That surprised me by being so low, at about 0.39%. In the past, I used to hear of people being quoted around 2%, but sometimes as low as around 1%. To put that into further perspective, one UK bullion source charges 1% + VAT for their storage, which I think is limited solely to bullion you buy from them. Ours is 0.5% + VAT on gold, 0.6% + VAT on silver. All our prices include insurance. Before we moved to Harrowside and installed not one but two strongrooms in our "bunker", our typical stock insurance cost about 1% per annum. 😎
  10. This puzzled me for a few moments. At first I thought you were referring to quintuple sovereigns; I think the Royal Mint now call those "£5 sovereigns". I had to read back through the thread to realise you meant a sovereign for £5. If you had used the "Quote" button, (and made it idiot-proof) I would have understood instantly. It was probably me being a little dumb, but my mind has swiched between about 20+ different topics in the past half hour, and I have only had one coffee. Time to take a short break... 😎
  11. It doesn't seem too long ago since we (Chards) had the 4 coin 1937 gold proof sets for sale at £3,500 each. Loads of people called up interested, but we didn't sell any of them for about 2 or 3 years. We bought a few more in, and I think we had 4 in stock at one time, We ended up selling 3 of the sets off to a fellow dealer at a very slight discount, after which everyone wanted to buy one, and the market prices shot up. I don't even know how much they are trading at now. 😎
  12. It would be interesting to hear what percentage premiums people get quoted. 😎
  13. What is it exactly? 😎
  14. You could use a Coke tin! 😎
  15. I am sure you will spend many happy hours reading it! 😎
  16. This may help you: https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/advice-guide-for-uk-bullion-investors/1041 😎
  17. Perhaps they are not sure either... ...and I'm going to bed! 😎
  18. " Sometimes people want a date" Or you being sexist again? "Some people like buying from auction - safety blanket" The number of auction houses, general and specialist, listing obvious fakes recently is appalling, so it's an illusory safety blanket. There are probably an infinite number of reasons, all connected to stupidity. 😎
  19. Quite a few years ago now, when Marsh's The Gold Sovereign went out of print, secondhand copies were changing hands for around £75. or perhaps more. The recent editions now incorporate The Gold Half Sovereign, along with Double Sovereigns, and Quintuple Sovereigns, and the new price is a bargain at £40. There is also one well known Blackpool dealer who is daft enough to sell it at a generous discount. It would be worth the OP investing in a copy. I know I read the original edition from cover to cover, and learnt a lot. I have become rather complacent or lazy, and have not found time to study the most recent editions as intently. Personally, I don't really take too much notice of the Marsh or any other scarcity / rarity grades, as many are somewhat arbitrary. I do tend to use my own experience though, and consider that any half sovereign with a mintmark is scarcer than a typical London Mint half. They usually turn up in very worn or damaged condition, presumably because they were popular, and circulated with higher velocity than (full) sovereigns. Higher grade ones are defintiely desirable, and I do know that Marsh used to take grade into account when assessing and applying rarity grades. I had a conversation with Michael about it once. 😎
  20. LawrenceChard

    The Krugerrand

    I don't think it is sexist to prefer female monarchs, or females in general for that matter. I might have a shave in the morning! 😎
  21. Albert Einstein — 'Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.' It's not new. Way back when @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer was still called R&L Coins, and still in Dale Street Blackpool, I / we used to sell gold sovereigns at £4 each, with quantity breaks down to as little as £3.50 each. We also used to sell scarcer dates and better grade ones at £5 each. We used to have few local collectors who would call in regularly to see what we had to extend and complete their date ranges. Sometimes they would haggle, or try to, if we had more than just one or two "new" coins for them. One day, someone told me there were some sovereigns in a forthcoming local general auction sale. I went along for a look. They were all modest grade, i.e. nothing special. Two of our regular customers were there, and each bought a number of very ordinary sovereigns, and astounded me by happily paying around £6 to £7 each. The next time they called in, I mentioned this to them, and they both looked in their notebooks, before telling me "Oh they were dates you coudn't get for us", or words to that effect. They didn't seem to realise or care that we would have got them almost every date eventually, and at just £5 each, even when I pointed it out to them. I don't think they ever tried to haggle again. I learnt a few things that day, but I still only asked them £5 for our "better" sovereigns. 😎
  22. Many or most of the traders who used Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd did not have any insurance, for various reasons: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatton_Garden_safe_deposit_burglary Safe deposit companies would probably need to know and have evidence of the contents before they could or would insure it. You could look to other insurers, but they would almost certainly want similar information, and they may not know the level of the security provided by the vault. 😎
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