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  1. Hate to tell you 6 coins is a common misconception. The set was set to be a 6 coin set but because it sells so well there is no limit now. Id expect once they have got through all the heroes they will move onto the villains.
  2. For me, stocks are shares ETF ISA is the way to go.
  3. I started my run at the year 2001 with the double release of the same face. Year 2000 backwards is very expensive but I have a full case of 20 pandas and they look amazing.
  4. I suspect they will keep on going as @ProjectNeroX pointed out it was originally slated for 6. I can see at least 10 to 12 being produced as they are so popular. Looks out for villains in the second wave I suspect 😃
  5. If you are selling then Id sell 😃 I just would not buy them. Hopefully no one else reads this shhh....
  6. As others have said, gold is the way to go if you want to stack a PM that we all can predict will increase in value at a reasonable rate. Silver will too of course but its not as predictable as gold. The problem with silver is that with Brexit looming you may have reasonably missed the boat if prices stay this high until then and then we leave with no reasonable way to get tax free silver anymore. I hold way more silver than gold and I wish to god I'd bought more gold, when I started stacking silver was the bee's knees according to everyone ( unless you knew better and already stacked gold
  7. To be honest they are flavour of the month, some of the prices I've been seeing for them are frankly ridiculous, even for the newer coins. That being said if you got cash to burn knock yourself out. I'm sure they will drop in price when spot does. Personally, if I missed the boat I'd wait until things settle down.
  8. If they were the same price and i could not find anything cheaper and I had to have some silver. Panda's 😃
  9. Yup, i was watching a financial youtube channel and the guy was saying people using gold as a hedge and getting a raw deal. If you look at how inflation tracks against gold you will see gold is always lagging and in some cases it just plane sucks. Yes there are times when it will rally as will silver but its not reliable. So, if gold sucks, silver is dog c*@p. I have both but I'm putting the majority of my cash i global stocks and shares ETF's. If you keep the majority of your cash in gold and silver you are one mad mofo. Just my thoughts and I'm sure there are a lot of sensible people w
  10. If you are talking about selling in bulk and a 2020 coin, people will go with a Britannia for multiple reasons, namely CGT and Brits are lower premium that Pandas. Its a no brainer. If you are talking about back issues then Pandas will command more of a premium if older than about 6 or 7 years. If you have a tube of Pandas and a tube of Brits and sold them at the same price say at spot I dare say it would be a toss up between which one would sell first. Sell them 4 or 5 quid over spot as an example then you will have more chance of selling the Pandas as they carry a slightly higher premium
  11. I have read majority good feedback about them, I only remember one horror someone posted on here about dinked up coins but on the whole its been positive. Not used them yet myself.
  12. It's got to be a fubar on their side. If it was stolen they would know by the tracking info. I suspect they dont have the coin in stock but sold them anyway (intentionally or unintentionally) which means they will be waiting for more. When my order was stolen I got the forms to fill in for a claim within a few hours from GS.BE and had replacements in a few weeks. Good luck and keep us informed.
  13. Cheapest silver I purchased from BS.BE was £12.80 in Nov 2018. Its now £17.46.
  14. Im a big fan of these rounds but what the hell were they thinking clagging that tower on the coil, its out of place and frankly looks sh!te.
  15. Depends on how you define a precious metal. Spend £100k on silver and £100k on copper and you need a wheelbarrow for one and a articulated lorry for the other. At what price point per ounce do you consider a PM precious?
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