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  1. Update 7 remaining. Post is 4.70 first class rec. Thanks post office!.
  2. Moi

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    Yeah makes sense, we have to factor in the extraordinary times were in today as well imo.
  3. Moi

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    Perhaps I'm more diligent in recent times. Can be more trusting when things more normal.
  4. Moi

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    Hi! I always send anything 50 pounds plus by spec del. Am I too cautious or sensible?
  5. 10 oz brit bar in capsule. 225 and post if any serious interest I'll add photos. Cheers!
  6. Thinking about it. 85 is cheapest I have seen to get new
  7. Hi! Got a few Geiger 1 grams in assay . At 11.5 each, 55 for 5, or 105 all ten. Post 2.20 first class rec or 6.70 spec del.5 plus. Ppal fandf
  8. Think there's a fb guy roman in romania. Honest!. Quite well known in the silver groups
  9. Masons are saving up their mark masters pennys🙂. 108 might be a Masonic age btw, having a symbolic meaning. Could be 18 + ,21 etc
  10. I'd like a few. If anyone's putting an order in.?
  11. Moi


    Well maybe, but how 925 fares in a boom might be useful knowledge. It will track spot nearer I think but still there's always a premium
  12. Moi


    True!.And I believe they are all the more attractive for it.
  13. Moi


    Can anyone recall what 925 reached during the 30 pound an ounce times?
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