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  1. I did the referral deal a couple of weeks ago and I went for the lucky dip option, it was a George V 1914 London mint in not to bad of shape, and I’m more than happy with it. I will probs end up ordering from them again as they are quite nicely priced and actually have some in stock with free delivery 👍
  2. I also thought this for the points you have said. If I had a second vote I would probs go with George V 😃 Sorry I have ran out of likes I can give out today but will hit the like button tomorrow 😂
  3. Yea I agree with some of the points above, I am in the process of completing the Edward head date run, I quite like the design and like you said he is also not as popular. Also personally I like my history and that’s another reason behind my choice, I would prefer a nice old sovereign with so much more history behind it than a one that has just been minted. Don’t get me wrong I still like the modern sovs and one day I will try and get a sov from each Elizabeth design 😃
  4. Another nice delivery from BBP today unfortunately not coins this time 😭 but coin related 😃 Again I would highly recommend these wooden box’s from them, good quality and only £20 delivered. It gives me a nice target to hit filling both box’s. Only need to find a bullion 1902 Sovereign to complete the Edward head date run and then another 5 Sovs to fill the box’s 😃
  5. Yea I know what you mean, I was going to split them up as well but then I was thinking it would of made it too big of a list but starting to wish I went with my instincts now 🤦‍♂️ Lol maybe that could be the next poll I could put out when this one is finished to see what people on the forum prefer out of the Elizabeth range 😃
  6. Hi all, After reading a few comments the other day on the forum, a few members said they where interested more in the “modern” ones compared to the “older” ones and this got me thinking. So I thought I would start of a poll just for a bit of fun / discussion and to find out what people’s interests are in. I will let it run for a week and it will close on the 23rd Feb. Wether it’s your favourite monarch, favourite designs from that era or just the sovereigns you find most interesting to collect. I think I know that the Queen Victoria era will get
  7. Hi @Swampy For me personally I am trying to complete a date run of Edward VII head sovereigns (only need a 1902 to complete now!) once complete, I may start on the Queen Victoria Jubilee head date run set or the older head set. Other options for me is a sovereign from each monarch and also a sovereign from each mint 😃 Best of luck to you in what you choose next
  8. My latest additions from BBP A nice free 1 oz Brit and a lucky dip sov which turned out to be a 1914 London minted one 😃 Also a wooden 10 coin sov box from them and would highly recommend getting one if your like me and have a smaller collection, they are very well made, good quality and also come with an outer cardboard box. Posted again as my last post contained something it shouldn’t of...
  9. Thanks for the link @Swampy They are very nice indeed! But can’t justify spending £140 on a box, I managed to buy a wooden 10 sov box the other day and I’m just waiting for it to arrive, if it’s good I will end up buying another one lol
  10. Not a problem thank you @sovereignsteve for looking tho! 😂 thank you @Spence098
  11. Thank you @Midasfrog 👍 That’s the kind of price what I was thinking of, I would rather sell on the forum as I hate eBay lol
  12. Yea i know where your coming from, I do like the coin and it is my fav of the series but i just want to concentrate on sovs going forward. I did the same with my silver, I had lots of different types and from different mints, I sold them all and just bought 1 oz silver Brits.
  13. I’ve checked all the main dealer websites and emailed them, most of them don’t have a “bullion” grade available, I’m still waiting for a few reply’s from some of them tho so fingers crossed. Only ones I can seem to find are ones for nearly £380-400 and personally I am happy with just a bashed up bullion grade close to spot instead of perfect coins for a much higher premium 😃
  14. It wouldn’t let me add all the pics in one post so done it like this 😃
  15. Hi all, I will be listing my 2016 1/4 oz Lion up for sale soon and was wondering what a fair price would be for it. I was going to collect the full series back when they where released but that didn’t go too well as it’s the only one I have 😂. It’s my last gold coin which isn’t a sovereign now so I’m wanting to sell it to use the funds for more sovereigns 😃 I haven’t been following the series and I have seen some very high prices from dealers so would like to know a fair price to sell Thanks in advance 😃 Micky
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