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  1. Bump Prices reduced and now Free 2nd class signed for postage on all coins I will also take of £2 for each additional coin you purchase
  2. Hi all, I’m in the process of rearranging my stack and getting rid of stuff I no longer want to keep / collect and change them into Britannia’s. PRICES REDUCED FREE 2nd CLASS SIGNED FOR POSTAGE ON ALL COINS I WILL ALSO TAKE OFF £2 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL COIN YOU PURCHASE I have the following for sale but I would also consider swapping for Bullion Britannia’s 2010 1 oz Chinese Panda - sold 2011 1 oz Chinese Panda - sold 2012 1 oz Chinese Panda - sold 2013 1 oz Chinese Panda - sold 2014 1 oz Chinese Panda - sold 2015 1 oz Chinese P
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone is willing to sell a 24 Sovereign coin box? I love the box’s made by Alun but he only does the 36 coin box now, unfortunately I will probs never be able to fill the 36 so I think the 24 is a good target 😃 but if no one has one to sell then I will end up buying the 36 coin box 😂 thanks in advance micky
  4. Hi all, Does anyone have a 1 oz silver 2016 year of the monkey to sell? Thanks in advance micky
  5. Hi Alun, do you do a 24 coin sovereign box? thanks micky
  6. Thanks for the offer Alun, they are very nice box’s! Unfortunately I already have the type set and the 1/2 oz series 2 Wooden box’s from a different company (Picture below) so would like to keep them all the same thanks micky
  7. Hi all, If anyone has any of the below to sell For the Australian lunar series, please get in touch 1 oz Lunar series 3 box 1/2 oz Lunar series 3 box I have managed to source a series 2 box so just need the series 3 now thanks in advance micky
  8. Hi all, Im after a few coins and box’s if anyone can help.... Wanted: x5 Silver 1 oz Britannia’s - would prefer 2021 but not fussed X1 silver 1 oz Perth mint lunar series 3 ox X1 silver 1/2 oz Perth mint lunar series 3 ox thanks in advance Micky
  9. Micky9776

    closed Gold

    2017 proof half sov 1911 C sov 1918 I sov now sold
  10. Micky9776

    closed Gold

    Hi all, selling off some of my stack to fund something new 2016 1/4 oz lion of England £440 2017 proof half sovereign boxed SOLD 1887 shield half sovereign £200 Full sovereigns all come with foam ring capsule 1876 Melbourne young head Sovereign £365 1887 Melbourne jubilee head sovereign £360 1897 Melbourne veiled head sovereign £355 1901 Perth veiled head sovereign £355 1903 sovereign £350 1904 Melbourne sovereign £350 1905 Perth sovereign £350 1906 sovereign £350 1907 sovereign £350 1908 soverei
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