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  1. I`m afraid this is going to be a very long depression.
  2. Does this coin look ''OK''? What about the slab?!!? I would love to add/complete my 1887 uncirculated silver set with a 1887 gold sovereign.
  3. I received a drilled and acid tested gold buffalo(which was supposed to be new/unc) a year or two ago from a reputable dealer.I will never forget that,it caused me great anxiety,was the last coin on stock.I`m an avid USA coin collector.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silver-bullion-bar-500g/123961347658?hash=item1cdcac0e4a:g:AhEAAOSw8fddvdMF
  5. I expect that,fingers crossed Should start to drop in a few weeks time.
  6. OK,let's forget about the empty shops but what about the letting/sale house signs popping out like mushrooms after rain and the price dropping?
  7. 😂 From drills to files...My rule of thumb is never buy from bullion dealers if you expect a problem free coin/bar.
  8. The best indicator(I remember very well the days of the great recession back in my country) are the increasing empty shops and letting signs all over the place.It looks like 2008 here in Worthing,West Sussex
  9. I hate silver,I really do.Gold went up considerably but silver went down.I hear people talking about GSR and that silver has more potential than gold.Wake up people GSR it`s just going to get higher and higher.Silver is a waste of time and space.
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