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  1. goldsilver.be currently have some for sale at £37.12 each. Seem a good price if you have other orders with them in storage so don't have to pay postage fees just for them. I'm forlornly waiting for prices on these to drop closer to £30..... as I bought most of my Queen's Beasts around £30 each. Can't have my average price paid / oz going up!
  2. Thanks for the offer Emanuel, but not looking for proof silver at the moment. Buying fractionals is already diverting my attention away from my goal of completing a 1oz monster box of silver
  3. @Pete thanks for the offer, but now looking more for small weights... 1/10oz ideally
  4. Hi everyone my name is Antonie. I love fractions and I also love silver. So hit me up with any fractional silver you have. Looking to pay around £25 an oz or close to.
  5. in case anyone is interested, this was the design i finished on as the least over engineered way of storing my 5oz coins lol. Should be able to hold 5 in capsules at a time. First 3d print in a long long time. Should have finessed some of the settings to get a better quality print but it does the job now just to conceive of a design for my 10 oz bars
  6. @guybrush i would be looking to buy at the moment. Just realised that BBP have them for sale @ £426.80 (https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-coins/gold-queens-beast/14oz-gold-coin-bull-queens-beast/) what would you be looking for?
  7. @Hennypenny just after the bull at the moment. got the lion and yale but thanks for the offer
  8. @mr-dead thanks for that info. I think i should be ok with PLA where it will be stored. I will be mimicking a case like this one, although obviously bigger lol
  9. @mr-dead That does look nice. I think mine will probably look more like a bigger version of this lol
  10. I'll take the provident one PM incoming
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