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  1. sorry, I meant £30 for just the bull & bear coin as you stated: will do them for 30 each or 60 for both, free post
  2. if its £30 including postage I'll take the bull and bear...
  3. Ringed ones. I can take a photo later if you like
  4. Thanks spoon, only just seen you msg. I ended up going down the airtite and associate tube route
  5. Has anyone got any crypto based 1 oz silver rounds they would be will to part with. I'm specifically looking for XRP but also BTC, ETH, ADA, TRX, MIOTA, LTC, BNB, XLM, XTZ, EOS, ETC, NEO lol. Or does anyone know anywhere selling them? I can't find XRP in stock anywhere. Thanks.
  6. If only you had not sold your 2018 cryptos positions you might have a different opinion 🙄
  7. I can't fault you taste in metals 😃😃😃😃
  8. That forumite was me. It took a while for them to come, about 10 days but they did arrive ok. I noticed that straight after I order they hiked the price up lol. But I did receive what I ordered, well packaged and in good condition so I'm not grumbling.
  9. @Spark268 , @BackyardBullion I did receive my coins after about 10 days. I was worried they were going to cancel my order but they didn't and were delivered in great condition. Phew lol
  10. Apparently my girls are awaiting shipment.... I'll let everyone know when (/if) they arrive
  11. I believe they market themselves as a site for high net worth individuals. I believe I qualify with my tenth Oz Brits👍
  12. Looks like the prices have gone up.... I'll let everyone know what happens for future reference
  13. I guess I'll find out soon enough... Cc transaction pending 🥺
  14. I guess I ought to trail run them on my credit card
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