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  1. I agree. I was fortunate to get into the silver game a couple of years ago and had enough time to amass a reasonable stack before Brexit and the 'silver squeeze' of last year. IMO Gold is far more a better buy for anyone in the UK. In regards to selling, for me I will be hodling for a while yet unless some unforeseen happens. I guess if spot hits $100+ I will start to consider slowly liquidating the stack!
  2. Pretty much as per the title. Looking for some 'cheap' fractional gold in either 1/10 or 1/4oz sizes at prices cheaper than what I can get from the dealers we all know and love. Nice if it was something which is not a Britannia as well Let me know if you have anything you wish to part with. I would prefer to pay via BT. Thanks in advance fellow stackers 🤑
  3. This is what scares me from buying from the continent now. Good luck. I hope you get everything you ordered without additional fees but please update us with any news.
  4. not sure what Ohio tax laws have to do with the situation in the UK. But I have already come to the conclusion not to buy as I've already stated.....
  5. that makes silver even less appealing though lol
  6. I'm basically only on the gold train now as Brexit (thanks leavers) really doesn't make Silver an appealing investment IMO anymore. Helps that the current spot price of silver is considerably over my average buy in price as well.
  7. Looks like I'm not the only one who likes their gold fractionals 🤪
  8. I'll take 4😁 what dates you got?
  9. It is probably an unpopular opinion around here, but I'm of the opinion that the ship has sailed for buying silver in the UK unless perhaps if you buy it vaulted. Second hand prices even on here still seem to include a massive premium over spot that to me makes it not worth the while. If you had started your silver journey before Brexit then it would have been worthwhile to stack silver, you're better off buying gold now as the premiums aren't as insane and there is no VAT
  10. now Brexit has screwed over any prospect of us in the UK getting silver anywhere near spot I would concentrate on buying gold. Might need to change the name of the forum soon to 'The Gold Forum'
  11. If silver does make a 3x move then I might have a tinge of regret, but then I'm assuming gold would be making a similar movement. The money I'm no longer spending on Silver goes towards Gold and cryptos so I still have my toe in the PM game. VAT in the UK is currently 20%. It applied to Silver before Brexit as it is classed by the government as an industrial metal. Pre-Brexit, we could buy from Europe with minimal VAT and no import duties applied. This no longer the case. Gold has no VAT in the UK currently as it is currently not classed as an industrial metal. So if you were to buy any precious metals at the moment in the UK then to me gold is the only viable option. It is also painful to see people paying £28+ an oz when a year ago I was buying from Europe for around £13-£14 an oz. I can't stomach paying that much personally. I am trying to average down not up! Silver is also pretty heavy which you appreciate once you've filled a monster box! I managed to achieve my personal goal of filling one and then some so I'm not itching to buy more unless there is a price crash, or at the least VAT is removed. I'm no expert in any of this. The markets generally do the opposite of whatever I'm doing so might be wise for anyone reading to just keep buying lol
  12. unfortunately Brexit has meant that buying silver is pretty pointless with taxes and the premiums currently charged. I don't see the point in starting a silver stack if you are UK based. You are better off sticking to Gold. I feel sad for anyone who has only just started or those who didn't reach whatever silver oz target they wanted as I don't see how it is now a viable investment. Its a shame that covid resulted in massive silver premiums last year so us UK stackers couldn't fill our boots before Brexit screwed us over
  13. sorry, I meant £30 for just the bull & bear coin as you stated: will do them for 30 each or 60 for both, free post
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