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  1. Apparently my girls are awaiting shipment.... I'll let everyone know when (/if) they arrive
  2. I believe they market themselves as a site for high net worth individuals. I believe I qualify with my tenth Oz Brits👍
  3. Looks like the prices have gone up.... I'll let everyone know what happens for future reference
  4. I guess I'll find out soon enough... Cc transaction pending 🥺
  5. I guess I ought to trail run them on my credit card
  6. That's what I'm wary of.... The price on tenth Oz Britannia's seems to good to be true....
  7. Just come across this company but I've never heard of them before. Look to have some good prices on some bits. Has anyone heard of them or used them before? https://www.essentialbullion.com/
  8. Imagine how much better brexit might have been if only we had a bunch of clowns in government instead of these numpties.....
  9. Guess what I'm getting at is does anyone know if these will be available in 2020 before the cluster**** that is Brexit robs us of our 'cheap' silver
  10. Anyone know or have an idea of when 2021 silver pandas well be released?
  11. Agree with your point that I don't know why anyone in the UK would want to physically stack silver bought from the UK.
  12. I second the point of don't buy from the royal mint! Unless you want to spend way over the odds. At the moment, 25 Brits from the royal mint will cost you £790 delivered. From gold silver.be the same including delivery costs is £623.
  13. if you haven't already heard, EuropeanMint.com ..... and Goldsilver.be - some people on this forum have had issues with them. Goldsilver generally have the better price (including on some gold compared to UK dealers, especially fractional stuff) whereas the EuropeanMint have better service. I've used both and would recommend either.
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