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  1. Agree with your point that I don't know why anyone in the UK would want to physically stack silver bought from the UK.
  2. I second the point of don't buy from the royal mint! Unless you want to spend way over the odds. At the moment, 25 Brits from the royal mint will cost you £790 delivered. From gold silver.be the same including delivery costs is £623.
  3. if you haven't already heard, EuropeanMint.com ..... and Goldsilver.be - some people on this forum have had issues with them. Goldsilver generally have the better price (including on some gold compared to UK dealers, especially fractional stuff) whereas the EuropeanMint have better service. I've used both and would recommend either.
  4. I've use JPS Corner several times who are based in the US. Depending on the order size you can scrape under Customs https://www.jpscorner.com/collections/air-tite-products?gclid=Cj0KCQjww_f2BRC-ARIsAP3zarEhoXHAem60_MzulyBG1cYUrboDlg7T3lJnPDHfcjyjhimFF4LzHikaAmq0EALw_wcB
  5. I just had a delivery from them arrive today which was made up of 5 individual orders. No communication from them at all for 2 weeks after I placed my last order and instructed them to send until I sent an email enquiry as to what was going on. Got no email back other than an automated one a few hours later saying my order status had updated. They managed to send it to the address of the 1st order despite the last order with the delivery instruction having the correct address and me sending a separate email clarifying the address to send it to. At least I got everything. So wouldn't worr
  6. goldsilver.be currently have some for sale at £37.12 each. Seem a good price if you have other orders with them in storage so don't have to pay postage fees just for them. I'm forlornly waiting for prices on these to drop closer to £30..... as I bought most of my Queen's Beasts around £30 each. Can't have my average price paid / oz going up!
  7. Thanks for the offer Emanuel, but not looking for proof silver at the moment. Buying fractionals is already diverting my attention away from my goal of completing a 1oz monster box of silver
  8. @Pete thanks for the offer, but now looking more for small weights... 1/10oz ideally
  9. Hi everyone my name is Antonie. I love fractions and I also love silver. So hit me up with any fractional silver you have. Looking to pay around £25 an oz or close to.
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