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  1. Here you go buddy. Personally I also dont think silver will go to the moon. Everyone is talking about it going up, so that "goup" might already been included in price.
  2. There are couple of videos on WSS youtube channel of a guy actually taking delivery of 5000oz from Comex (private person) Quite impressive effort he went through. Turns out that there might be no eagles or leafes @dealers, but if you can fish out $150k out of your pocket, you can have 150kg dropped at your doorstep by FedEx at about 2% above spot. Very interesting that silver squeeze move. Im aware that you can do miracles on paper and there is 500x more paper than physical silver but also apes been draining comex for 3 months now and only drained ~50m ounces/10% of official hol
  3. Patyq

    Fed up with eBay

    Not mentioning Ebay + paypal fees are crime. Not best place to sell anything definitely.
  4. I dont wanna sound mean, but: You dont hold it, you dont own it. And that the history is laid down with broken promises. AND I wish you will never be in situation to find out how true those words are - recently I had (and still have) massive problems with regaining control of my propperty (worth far less than 1/3tone of silver) left in someones keep. Legally I can do nothing and guy is laughing in my face. If I attempt to burn his house, kidnap his son or shoot his knee - im gonna be the one going to jail and he still be owing my property. Lol
  5. Can you profit big with silver without apocalypse? My opinion is - yes you can. All you need is another speculative mania, delusion of crowds, conditions where people loose their minds blinded with greed. And silver needs to be subject of this madness. Tulips, South Sea bubble, dot.com stocks, real estate bubble, bitcoin - financial bubbles are appearing now and then, usually every time there is new generation of "investors" entering the markets. I would say every 7-10yrs there is an asset that becomes subject of massive speculation, all you need to do is get there early enou
  6. Btw "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles MacKay. Must read. The book is 200yrs old, but shows that nothing changed in human nature for 200yrs. Greed blinds people.
  7. Im thinking the same. After seing bitcoin mania, nothing will surprise me. When people loose their mind, fixed on getting rich, getting blinded by vision of massive gains... Its impossible to predict when it stops. Bitcoin doesnt even exist. Bits of data somewhere, and yet people are paying $40k for it. Someome calculated that bitcoin mania dwarfed tulip mania from 300yrs ago - regarded as biggest speculative mania in our history. Soo.. Im just grabbing popcorn and wait.
  8. There were people paying $19k for bitcoin 2 yrs ago, there are people paying $35k for bitcoin now. There were people giving up kingdoms for tulips There were dozens of speculative bubles in history and scheme is always the same. Greed blinds people. When frenzy starts nothing can stop them, they wont lesson. So... Yes, you will sell it for £50. I would say the more it will cost, the easier you will sell it. Once inflow of speculators start. Scheme is always the same "I must buy now, because tomorrow it will cost twice that"
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