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  1. Cheers GS, I don't why I didn't think of searching for release date from last year, doh!
  2. I emailed them and they bizarrely replied "We are unable to discuss any possible future releases"!?!
  3. Anyone have any info on these? The 2021 bullion was out in October but no word on the proofs.
  4. If you want to hedge against financial collapse you are better off with gold imo. Gold is Central Bank money, they hold it in reserve precisely to hedge against currency destruction. They do not hold any silver. Silver, moreso than gold, is used in industry, so if the economy collapses you could see demand for silver fall. Gold is the pure monetary metal so you really need some if you are concerned about the financial system. Silver is at a historically low price verses gold, the Gold Silver Ratio or GSR, which is why Mike would have recommended silver at this time. I suggest split
  5. Don't even bother communication with 0 feedback sellers. Just ignore.
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