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  1. Apologies for the typo I meant £970 for the remaining 3
  2. Yep after I had a break from being online yes.. By that time 1 coin had sold. Anyways if you want the last 3 take them otherwise please stop this sillyness
  3. Did you check your inbox? I sent you a message 8hrs ago saying £1300 for all 4 coins Moderators they can see your messages. Don't try an act funny because your not
  4. So when our friend says wtf what does that mean? What manners are they? Have you commented on that?
  5. I guess it's a Saturday night and you got nothing better to do. Stop with your stupid behaviour. Check your inbox and you will see I gave you a figure for all 4 coins. I guess your just another lonely clown on this forum
  6. I did respond to you check your inbox. No need for swearing Moderators is that normal
  7. 2020 sold 3 left. Let's do a special offer the remaining 3 for £980 posted
  8. All my auctions because they were done in a hurry I forgot to mention that I have advertised them elsewhere. 3 auctions that is. You guys are something else I have not stolen any money I made an honest mistake. If we have any mods please either ban me or use some common sense and see that I made an honest mistake. This is the first mistake I made. You guys are something else.
  9. Andrew on this fine summers day have some decency and acknowledge that I made an honest mistake. If you can't fathom that then I guess you have no hope
  10. Andrew please read what I have said try to understand and think reasonably instead of throwing a tantrum
  11. Andrew I have said a number of times I made an honest mistake... Do you understand that. I forgot to include I had the coins listed elsewhere. Please try and understand English it's the language of England.. It might be difficult to understand but I will say it again I made an honest mistake
  12. Dude... As I said it was an honest mistake... If you don't understand clear English then I guess I can't help you so dude please try and understand
  13. I'm sure you understand English... Rather than throw a tantrum on a forum its a nice afternoon get some sun the heat may help your head think clearly
  14. Ignored the seller? How do you know what I messages were exchanged? I made an honest mistake I'm sure you have made many yourself but you want to jump on your high horse.
  15. An honest mistake makes it a mess lol
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