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  1. Hello All I have a lovely 2017 8 Gram Panda for auction. The capsule has some cracks but the coin is in excellent condition. I would like to start this auction at £400. Auction to finish Monday 28th December at 1900 Payment via BT or PayPal F&f please P&P for the UK will be SD add £5 P&P for Europe will be £12.99 Good Luck
  2. Hello All Any sellers of the Silver 1oz Wolverine Coin?
  3. Hello All Before these lovely coins go up on ebay I want you guys to get 1st preference. I need some cash ASAP owing to a car sale not going through. Here we have a date run of Rwanda Silver coins from 2012-2017. So thats 6 coins in good condition. Auction to finish tomorrow Sunday 6th December at 1700. Start Price is £180 . I will send via SD. Everybody in Europe put £9.99
  4. Hello I have 2 lovely 2016 2oz Lunar Monkey silver coins for auction. Coins are in excellent condition. No marks or milk spots The auction is for both and the start price is £110. I will post to Europe for £9.99 tracked and free SD for the UK. Payment is via bank transfer or PayPal f&f. Auction will finish on Friday 04th December Good Luck I hope they sell!
  5. Hello All I just missed out on the Back to the Future 1oz Silver Coins. I would like to purchase a few of them as well as the Disney Coins also the Star Wars Coins. Not looking at boxed proof sets. Looking to pay via PayPal F&F. I am based in the UK Thanks in advance Thanks
  6. Thanks for the detailed response Pete. Just to confirm you said if I purchase coins from a forum member and they declare the value at $5 it will pass through.So that’s no VAT? Wouldn’t that be the case with anyone shipping a “small amount “ of coins let’s say a coin or 2
  7. Question for the experienced folk on the forum who have bought gold or silver from the US. Do you pay customs if you order from lets say a company like Apmex? How about an individual off ebay or like this forum? Thanks in advance
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