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  1. Hello Boys and girls I am looking for bullion Sovereigns. I am also looking for 1/4oz Queens Beasts under £400
  2. Hello All I'm looking to purchase full and half Sovereigns. Preferably 10 of each for the right price. Full Sovereigns willing to pay a max of £301 Half Sovereign willing to pay £155 Thanks
  3. Any ideas when the Half Sovereigns will be back in stock?
  4. ali187

    Fake Sovereign?

    Thanks again gents for the knowledge
  5. ali187

    Fake Sovereign?

    Thanks Sid for the response. I never knew that the weight drops with the young heads. Definitely got a few knocks exactly where you spotted them. The coin to my inexperience I think has been cleaned. The marks do seem to line as you suspected. I am in 2 minds refund or keep. Help!
  6. ali187

    Fake Sovereign?

    I have tried various other coins and they come up fine. Its just this particular coin
  7. ali187

    Fake Sovereign?

    Weight seems to be now 3.87 grams what do you think folks?
  8. ali187

    Fake Sovereign?

    Hello All I bought a 1866 Shieldback Half Sovereign which in the pictures from eBay weighed 3.8 grams instead of 3.99. Is that normal? The seller is a jewellery dealer and described it as genuine.
  9. Hello All I have a lovely 2017 8 Gram Panda for auction. The capsule has some cracks but the coin is in excellent condition. I would like to start this auction at £400. Auction to finish Monday 28th December at 1900 Payment via BT or PayPal F&f please P&P for the UK will be SD add £5 P&P for Europe will be £12.99 Good Luck
  10. Hello All Any sellers of the Silver 1oz Wolverine Coin?
  11. Hello All Before these lovely coins go up on ebay I want you guys to get 1st preference. I need some cash ASAP owing to a car sale not going through. Here we have a date run of Rwanda Silver coins from 2012-2017. So thats 6 coins in good condition. Auction to finish tomorrow Sunday 6th December at 1700. Start Price is £180 . I will send via SD. Everybody in Europe put £9.99
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