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  1. I got a nice little 20 lei from toshy yesterday 😁. Collection is coming along nicely.
  2. It is good quality. Its got some great pics in it, I think they sent it to me because I bought a 20 franga off them a while back. There’s a few pieces I’d love to bid on but they’re all well out of my price range!! I mite put a cheeky bid in you never kno 😁.
  3. If anyone is after some of the higher end LMU coins it might be worth taking a look at this link https://www.astebolaffi.it/en/auction/337 They have some really nice coins, some murats, Johnson’s, Parma’s pretty much everything!! They where even nice enough to send me a full color catalogue 😁.
  4. Nice!! I’m after both of these 😁 the Serbia one more so.
  5. This happens to me all the time. I buy a coin I’ve wanted for a long time and when it comes I’m disappointed. Vice versa also. I recently bought a Ceres head 20f and it when it came it was a gorgeous coin. I'm tempted with your buy thread. I’ve got my eye on the Spanish coin and the Carlo felice..... I’ll have to have a think 😁.
  6. The 20 francs rooster is a good looking coin. I have a 20f angel as my ‘lucky coin’. I even want to be buried with it when the inevitable happens 😂. It was my first 20 franc and that coin ain’t going nowhere haha.
  7. I enjoyed that. A refreshing distraction from the anxieties and horrors of work for me atm. entry 8
  8. I’m a newbie, where do I start? This post was written for the silver forum writing competition and is meant for newbie stackers/collectors. If your reading this the post it’s pretty likely you have discovered an interest in collecting/stacking Precious Metals. You have probably bought an over priced silver bullion bar from bullion by post or have been left a lone gold sovereign by a loving family member. What ever the reason you have found this forum, welcome. Welcome to the rabbit hole. Collecting gold and silver is an addictive, all consuming hobby th
  9. I thought the 20 perpera was LMU spec.... oh well one less to have to buy and it looks like I got my Carlos wrong 😃
  10. What I want is a lot 😃; 20 Swiss franc Helvetia 20 franc Napoleon Bonaparte emperor 20 franc nepoleon III Empereur 20 franc nepoleon III wreath 20 franc leopold I Belgium 20 franc Tunisia Ali bey 20 franken Franz Josef II 20 franc Albert French txt Semi numi 20 peseta child 20 peseta baby 20 francs Charles x 20 lire Carlo Felice 20 lei 20 drachma 1876 20 dinara Milan Premium 20 markkaa 20 franka Albania zogu 20 perpera 20 leva 20
  11. I have; AN12 20 franc napoleon Bonaparte AN13 20 franc Napoleon Bonaparte 1841 20 franc Louis Philippe I 20 franc Louis nepolian 1852. 20 fr angel. 20 fr rooster. 20 fr Louis xv111. 20 Tunisian francs 20 francs Albert Belgium 20 Italian lire Umberto 20 lire Vittorio 20 franc Helvetica 20 drachma 20 franc Monaco 20 bolveres venensuala 20 franc Cérès head 20 lire Papal States 20 lire napoleon 20 dinara Serbia 20 dinara Yugoslavia 20 franc Hungary
  12. Haha I imagine a complete date run on any coin is hard to achieve. I couldn’t collect the same coin over and over. A bit of variety is the spice of so they say 😉.
  13. Added another 2 today from HGM. Takes the total up to 25 different designs.... hmmm what to buy nxt 🤔
  14. That’s a fantastic price!! It’s one of the more difficult coins to get too.
  15. I looked for the 20 lire San Marino the other day and couldn’t find one for sale anywhere. A beautiful coin and a truly rare find.
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