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  1. Sorry for the delay, I arrived yesterday after a 14h trip, I'm starting replying the pending messages, thanks.
  2. Just a quick update to let you know that I had an unplanned business trip and I will not be back home until this weekend, so I will not be able to send you the pictures and reply the messages until then, sincere apologies for the delay. 😓
  3. Gold spot up, Royal Mint QB prices up, I keep them the same (9% cheaper).
  4. Sorry, I just want you to have the full information: It also means that you can't claim the payment back if there is any issue. So, it is a (fair) protection to the seller, the same like a bank transfer.
  5. Beautiful coin, and an excellent price, clearly I'm not so brave. 👍
  6. Yes, I totally agree, at least I will keep the silver ones as a memory, I love the QB designs.
  7. I'm sorry Emanuel, the member that asked about it before is pending to make the payment, I let you know if something changes.
  8. Replied messages and sent close up pictures of the Black Bull and Red Dragon.
  9. Hi everyone, Although, lastly, I've not been a quite active, I'm an old user of this forum and an even older coin stacker. For personal reasons I have to sell my loved 1 oz gold Queen Beast collection, so I'm offering the individual coins to the members of this forum. In order not to flood this thread, I'm posting just an overview picture of the collection with my username and a face pic of each coin. If interested in any of them I can post/send close up pictures of the coin without the case cover, just ask. Prices: Will be updated at the bottom of this post Payment: Bank transfer Shipping: by Royal Mail Special Delivery (insured) UK mainland postage only Optionally: If interested we can use the "Backyard Bullion intermediary Sales Service". In this case their fees (2%) and the posting will be split between buyer and seller. Any questions, please feel free to contact me. Prices (30th June 2020) 2016 QB Lion - £1800 2017 QB Griffin - £2050 2017 QB RedDragon (Sold @ 2020/06/06) 2018 QB BlackBull - £ 1750 2018 QB Unicorn - £1750 2019 QB Falcon - £1750 2019 QB Yale - (Sold @ 2020/07/01)
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