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  1. Thanks I feel better now. We've worked very hard to get where we are. Both my partner and I came from poor families and have never had a penny of debt luckily. One day we'll be worth £1M lol
  2. Came here and realised I'm c**p at life. 227k and 29yrs left on mortgage. Few hundred left every month for beer money after savings, bills, investments and pension come out. 15k in savings but we need a new car, bathroom, boiler, kitchen and the list goes on. Thought I was doing ok until I came here *cries* lol
  3. Switches my current account to Monzo. Loving the UI. Get paid tomorrow so let's see how that goes. I've set up a load of schedule payments and pots. Along with my standing orders and direct debits. If I'm not back here complaining by the end of next week then you know it's working lol I wouldn't use monzo for buying, selling PMs though. Not the way I used to do it. They'd block my account straight away lol
  4. The Nutmeg S&S Fully Managed ISA is comparable to the Vanguard Life Strategy ISA I believe. I've signed up with Nutmeg as the first year is fee free with a fund cost of 0.19% and there UI is really good for a newbie I've found. Their ETFs cover the S&P and FTSE but and are globally diversified and not limited unlike Vaguard. Their return history is good and looks stable and investing this way whilst I'm still learning is a no brainer imo. If I was to start buying individually stocks I feel I'd be gambling more than intelligently investing with my limited knowledge. I doubt I
  5. Just seen the title of this post and after a quick scan through the thread I can't see any mention or recommendation for a Stocks and Shares ISA if only £3k is being invested. As a complete beginner, I done some research and decided that a Fully Managed S&S ISA with Nutmeg with no fees for the first year was a good choice. I've not found any advice anywhere that suggests I should invest in individual companies as a novice with only a few grand to play with. I've set my risk at medium/high and I'm up 7.6% since March 24th.
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