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    I collect primarliy Mexican numismatic coins, thats my main love and im just getting into the far east ones

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  1. I sent it first class signed for, so they might have a left you a card and hopefully it’s waiting at the sorting office..
  2. Wow your going to have one very huge set of unboxing videos to do, nice to look forward to . I sent a coin to the usual submission address. Have you received it? Cheers
  3. Hi Numi Hope you and family are safe and well! Do you know if any of my coins are back yet? thanks
  4. Hi Numi hope your well Do you know whether it’s still possible to submit coins to NGC, there is one I would like conserved and graded. I think you’ll really like this one! mexstack
  5. Woohoo really pleased with my one MS70and lots of MS69’s , thanks for posting numi. Stay safe and very well
  6. Thank you, pf69 is pretty good for Mexican medals , was hoping for 1 or 2 pf70’s. Did they not grade the old Mexican silver and copper medals?
  7. Hi has the latest submission been sent off to NGC? Is it too late to add some more ? Thank you
  8. Hi Russel I am sorry to bother you but I sent you a 1 oz Mexican Silver Proof coin around the 20th June, can you confirm that you received it and it has been submitted for grading at NGC. I did not receive any confirmation that you received it and am a little bit concerned. The coin looked like the one in the picture attached. Thank you Nadim
  9. when will see a vid of all the new arrivals?
  10. Hi Numi Hope your well and recovered! Any idea when I will be seeing my 4 5oz Mexican Libertads PL70 coins on youtube and in person.
  11. where can you get these at that price? can you let us know please
  12. Added 0 minutes later... i clicke don your link , you need to verify me please
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