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  1. As people have said: This type of payment should be done only between trusted parties. Before making any significant purchase, opt for a smaller order. If the order shows up as planned, then make a big one. I did just that a few years back, then moved onto more significant orders and now I have no sweat when I place an order for a tube of Queen's Beast from Martin a.k.a. "The Silver Trader" via bank transfer. Bank payments lower the costs on the seller/dealer's side and one tends to get a discount, so everybody wins. Still, it is all about trust.
  2. I have a ridiculously small amount of Signature Platinum too (few hundreds worth). Back then the plan was to increase every month... then the VAT surprise showed up. Oh well, the storage fees are no longer tiered, so the amount no longer matters; so I shall keep it in case Pt goes up by 1,000,000,000% overnight. 😁 Physical gold and silver yes, physical platinum... a bit more difficult to shift. I have also dipped a toe in PM miners with GPM (Golden Prospect PM) which as a minor exposure to Pt and of course big time in Au. I have been pretty happy with GPM so far.
  3. I got hooked on the Queen's Beasts silver first... then gold, but I managed to restrict myself to collecting only the 1/4 oz. Nice collection to look at in gold and silver. As mentioned above 1/4 oz is more affordable even if whacked by the premium.
  4. The new, or to be more precise, merged website is not an improvement indeed. I have only bought from them recently, a 1/4 oz White Lion because I could no longer find it at my preferred dealers. I am still reasonably happy with their Signature Gold service though; even if I do not like their redesign of that bit either. Back to the website, the fact that one needs to actively search for the bullion products gives the feeling that they want at all cost to sell their overpriced tat first (50p coins for £10). True, bullion coins are "investment" but would it be too much to ask for a "bulli
  5. If you are are still looking for the 2 oz. White Lion of Mortimer, Martin at The Silver Trader still has 30 in stock (pixel time). https://www.silvertrader.uk/ I bought a tube of ten from him recently, then another tube of White Horse of Hanover, perfect packaging, next day delivery and all.
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