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  1. Interesting. The set I was talking about had the following prices (only the half was a 70 the rest 69) £5 - £3400, £2 - £1400, Sov - £1350 and Half - £750. This was in January and I guess gold was higher then.
  2. Yes the first time I saw a sovereign I walked right past it thinking something that small could not be that expensive. Since you like auctions T & T auctions have a £5 1989 coming up for auction on 30 April in a box with a CoA.. It is not online yet but the catalogue describes it as a £100 Britannia coin so it may just slip under some people's radar. When it goes online I will try to post a link. and no it is not mine.
  3. As people have said you can't guarantee getting a 70 grade if you do that. Someone had a 4 coin set for sale on here earlier this year. They had had it graded and only one of the four coins came back as a 70 (the others including the £5 were 69s. So if you must have a 70 get one that has already been graded. You could try putting a wanted ad in the Trade section on here and see who bites. You have picked one of the more expensive coins to want. For this year of 1989 the desirable coins are the £5 and the sovereign. Have you thought about the £2 version - halfway between the £5 a
  4. Just don't use a 1989 £5 for that. Pleeeease.
  5. I was sold a FAKE GOLD COIN and this is what happened..... - YouTube
  6. Given the date it probably got in the way of a German bayonet and saved someone's life - be a shame to scrap it!
  7. That is not a problem with grading it is human nature - to want the "best". Combine that with an auction like the Coin Cabinet and suddenly you see a big differential. But think about the Three Graces coin which was issued exclusively as PF70. Is that expensive because of the grade? Or is it expensive because it is riding on the coat tails of the RM Three Graces? I would suggest that that is a case where grading may be irrelevant because none of the coins is any better than any other.
  8. Which is precisely why Third Party grading like NGC and PCGS came along in the first place. To give consistency, remove the subjective nature of dealer's grading and protect the consumer from getting "done". That's the theory anyway.
  9. Indefinitely. See this thread Do i cut my losses? - Page 10 - Gold - The Silver Forum
  10. I did wonder about that but if sterling does not count as an asset for CGT purposes (TCGA S21(1)(b)) then when I sell the Britannia I have not disposed of an "asset" so presumably it doesn't count towards the notification requirement?
  11. Yes though I think they will look more closely at what and how often you sell things rather than what you buy. On the other hand they may want to know what you did with the other two coins.😁
  12. If they are CGT exempt then I don't think you need to tell HMRC anything about your disposal of the coins or the "gain" you make. Sterling currency (which includes a 1 oz Britannia) is not a chargeable asset for CGT purposes. There is a Chards note on the subject here Capital Gains Tax on Bullion | Chards Of course you need to make sure you do not fall into the trap of "trading" in which case you would be making an income and not realising a capital gain. As to records keep all the records you possibly can. I confess I would not have thought of the bank balance screen cap
  13. EPNS - Electro Plated Nickel Silver. Sorry
  14. The 6 in the date looks a bit dodgy. But presumably it has been graded?
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