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  1. Not in the UK - any profit will be subject to CGT (assuming you make enough profit).
  2. They are described as "better than bullion". I did buy one a while ago and it was OK. Sorry I see they have all gone now.
  3. Not sure if anyone will think this is a deal or not Buy Gold Sovereign - Queen Elizabeth II Loose Proof (hattongardenmetals.com) The price moves all the time but supposedly 10% over spot. The years are 1979, 1980, 2007 and 2008. None are in capsules so who knows what has happened to them.
  4. What you could do is get a decent sized capsule with a black foam insert to stop the coin rattling around and keep it in that. It will protect the coin and should stop you losing it down the back of the sofa. Until I got some I had forgotten how small the old silver 3d s were. Good photo skills you have there. Personally I would not grade it. It would cost about £30 and who knows what they'd make of the dings on the Queen's face - although they are probably less noticeable in real life.
  5. I don't know if you will be anywhere near London at the weekend but you might want to pop into the London Coin Fair. In the past they have had some US dealers there who might have something.
  6. Surely Perth Mint have been producing Australian "Sovereigns" for years with a $25 denomination. Why are we getting worked up about these coins?
  7. For the British ones Pre 1920 is .925 silver Pre 1947 is .500 silver The MTT is .833 silver I must admit I did not know they did a 1918 Crown
  8. Gillick - no contest. Just as a young head Victoria is more attractive than a Jubilee head.
  9. Is it just me or does it look like it was gold plated and some of the gold plate has worn off especially around standing figure on the left hand side?
  10. I would phone them and ask them to check how thick it is. I am sure they will do it for you as you are the buyer. Of course they may be a bit busy as they are running auctions for the rest of the week
  11. What was wrong with the Angel? Oh I just noticed they call it 1/10 when it is 1/20.
  12. George V 1917 gold sovereign - this lot is sold without buyer’s premium, the hammer price is the pri (easyliveauction.com) The 7 in the date looks a little off to me but for someone's sake let's hope it is real. Coin Cabinet have a graded one in the next auction
  13. Yes I was just going by the missing garter on the "other" side. But there is also the date.
  14. The coin cabinet have 2 2017 sovereigns in their next auction described as proofs but the design just looks wrong to me. I suspect they are SOTD sovereigns misidentified by NGC 2017 Gold Sovereign 200th Anniversary Proof NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO #6134292-019 (AGW=0.2355 oz.) | The Coin Cabinet Auctions
  15. Trade the bullions in for a proof - there is no comparison.
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