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  1. I think you would need to sue the courier(s) as well. The only way you will win versus European Mint is if you could prove they never gave the package to the courier. When I last looked (a long time ago) their terms were very clear about the separation of the sale of the goods from the delivery of them. You have a separate agreement for delivery with the courier. Hopefully it will turn up (I remember a story on here about an order so large it could not go by plane and had to be sent by sea!) and you will just have had a very nervous and frustrating time. Also perhaps @BackyardBullion will pick up on this and see if he could have a word with European Mint (at least to get some clarity on what has happened).
  2. I received something from Atkinsons today which made me think they have been reading this thread. Under my name in big block letters it said Do Not Leave This Parcel Unattended. Now that is sure to get the postman interested.
  3. Seasider

    Silver Una

    Well I hope you're paying for the wedding and not the divorce.😃
  4. Seasider

    Silver Una

    You could still get it graded - with the coin connection's vetting and the price hike from 69 to 70 it is surely worth the time and money? Then stick it in the coin cabinet auction and see where it goes.
  5. Yes they have your paddle number in big letters and you have to read the small print underneath to see who actually placed the bid.
  6. If you watch you will see some bids appear with a line through them - it means someone else left an earlier bod of the same amount. It encourages you to bid one extra in the knowledge that you will beat the other chap (assuming he is not watching).
  7. Do you have a direct email for the lady who was helpful last time? If so try to get her on to it.
  8. The next Coin Cabinet auction has a Douro Treasure 1864 Sovereign (lot 106). It will be interesting to see how its price compares to the other 1864s in the same sale.
  9. Fair enough but I read their note to you as including failure to comply with their Ts&Cs along with the dangerous stuff as justifying "disposal" But then I am guessing that the £2500 limit came up in your discussions with customer "services" about RM's treatment of your parcel.
  10. I think it may be worse than that. If you read @BackyardBullion's other thread it may be grounds for ""disposing of those items". But I may be putting 2 + 2 together to make 5!
  11. Thank you. I always get confused with F as there is Fair and Fine both of which can be an F. I am assuming you mean Fair
  12. I bought an 1818 Half Sovereign. It is not in good condition and the date looks a bit dodgy but the colour was what struck me most. In the pictures I have put it next to an 1832 Sovereign to try to show the difference in colour. Do people think the Half is OK? If I sent it to NGC to get some comfort do you think it would come back as A Not Genuine B Details C A Numeric grade somewhere below 10.? Apologies for the pictures but I hope they will enlarge if you click on them. TIA
  13. I am afraid not. It was probably a bit out of my range.
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