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  1. They also have four 1911C Sovereigns, though if you look closer one is a 1917C and another is a 1918I.
  2. @Morezone has tubes which definitely hold Britannias in their capsules.
  3. I think you also pay insurance. Coin Cabinet obviously have lots of coins to sell - they have only just finished the last auction.
  4. I think Paddington Bear must have paid them a visit because they also have these Buy Cincuenta Soles Oro Gold coin (hattongardenmetals.com) It looks better in the hand than in the photo. I do like the design.
  5. Reading the CoA for the 1989 coin it is described as a "modern adaptation" of the original so I guess that explains the differences.
  6. The NGC price guide would tell you $550 whatever that is in real money. My guess is it won't go for less than £380. Another early 60s at MS64 went for £450 and a 66 in MS64 went for £430 in the last Coin Cabinet auction. But it is an auction so who knows. If you are not doing anything else on Sunday you could watch it and see how high it goes (or doesn't).
  7. Just in case you don't get one on here 1965 Gold Sovereign NGC MS 64 #3956239-002 (AGW=0.2355 oz.) | The Coin Cabinet Auctions
  8. Yes they weren't making sovereigns the year I was born either.😢
  9. Go for one from your birth year. It will at least have some personal significance for you.
  10. Thanks. I wonder what happened. Maybe two people bid at precisely the same moment and overloaded the system.
  11. So I notice that lot 11 was passed. What happened there? Did no-one bid or have they introduced reserves?
  12. Interesting. The set I was talking about had the following prices (only the half was a 70 the rest 69) £5 - £3400, £2 - £1400, Sov - £1350 and Half - £750. This was in January and I guess gold was higher then.
  13. Yes the first time I saw a sovereign I walked right past it thinking something that small could not be that expensive. Since you like auctions T & T auctions have a £5 1989 coming up for auction on 30 April in a box with a CoA.. It is not online yet but the catalogue describes it as a £100 Britannia coin so it may just slip under some people's radar. When it goes online I will try to post a link. and no it is not mine.
  14. As people have said you can't guarantee getting a 70 grade if you do that. Someone had a 4 coin set for sale on here earlier this year. They had had it graded and only one of the four coins came back as a 70 (the others including the £5 were 69s. So if you must have a 70 get one that has already been graded. You could try putting a wanted ad in the Trade section on here and see who bites. You have picked one of the more expensive coins to want. For this year of 1989 the desirable coins are the £5 and the sovereign. Have you thought about the £2 version - halfway between the £5 and the Sovereign but for 1989s you can pick them up for about the same as or perhaps even less than the price of a sovereign.
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