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  1. The coin is graded by PCGS which some would say is the most reputable grading company out there. I can't say I am a fan of their slabs. But the coin will be well protected in there.
  2. Well if we are going to get all historical about it, I predict £1066.
  3. Here is the one I was thinking of 2019 Gold Beach Sovereign - Gold - The Silver Forum
  4. The drawing looks like one of those D-Day landings coins and Gold was one of the beaches.
  5. Numistacker Numismatic Services (thenumistacker.com) The link is for his website which has a section on grading including the costs of using him to grade with NGC.
  6. It could be worse - you might want to buy one of these coins from the Royal Mint 1871 Victoria Young Head Sovereign, Sydney Mint - VF (royalmint.com) For those who don't want to click on the link: the picture shows a shield and the second line of the description says it is a George & the Dragon version! No mention of the WW situation.
  7. I thought the package had been intercepted by the CIA for a moment. I am not sure if this will help Langley HWDC (Royal Mail) Customer Support Contact:- Telephone Number: 03457 740 740 Text Telephone Number: 03456 000 606. I think BackyardBullion did a video on the frustration of calling Royal Mail Customer Services.
  8. Well at the Coin Cabinet auction on 15 November a PR70DCAM version went for £875.
  9. Likewise I know nothing about grading. According to my cheat sheet if it is EF then it should grade about AU58 to MS60. If you look that coin up in NGC's population then there are over 150 graded of which the majority are MS62 and above. I also thought I could see some marks near the horse's tail which could detract from the grade. So personally I would not do it. That does of course guarantee that you will go ahead so please let us know what grade you get😁
  10. You could ask @Numistacker(send him a PM on here) but I think you are right that there is not enough time. They do do an Express service but that is more expensive and the coin still needs to go back and forth across the Atlantic
  11. Try here https://www.thenumistacker.com/ How long before her birthday? It can take a couple of months to get a coin graded and back in your hands.
  12. Oh and with the 1994 £2 you might want to check if it is a mule. They can be worth a bit.
  13. One thing you might do is check the coin population on NGC and PCGS. You may find some coins where virtually all of them have been graded 70 and others where there is only 1 70. It sounds as if you are thinking of selling them. If so it is probably not worth grading any you have doubts about. Pick the perfect ones get them graded and see if your idea of perfect matches the grading company's. If it does then great. Oh and by the way I think the Coin Cabinet charges less commission when selling graded coins compared to ungraded if that is the way you are thinking of selli
  14. Until 2015 counterfeiting was punjshable by death in China. Didn't seem to stop them. If you are not happy with it then send it back. I can't tell a fake by looking at a picture (or even when it is in my hand) but there are some on here who may be able to do so. I'd guess @sovereignstevewould be one of them. Checking with PCGS would seem to be a sensible step as they may be able to tell if the slab is correct. You might also check with @TheCoinCabinetto see if this is a coin which they have handled whether in an auction or as a direct sale (of course they may be a bit busy
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