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  1. You would probably learn as much by watching Border Security Americas Front Line as asking us. That form up above says I or we so I would work on the basis that it is not $10k each but $10k between the two of you. And don't forget that you need to add in all other currency you take. No good carefully calculating your gold to $9999 only to find the fiver in your jeans pocket puts you over the limit.
  2. Some do; most don't. What I was suggesting was that if you are that worried about fakes it may be safer to buy something which has already been graded. You can check it out by looking up the certificate number on the NGC or PCGS websites
  3. Oh I should say the 1911 did come from an auction but not Coin Cabinet.
  4. Well they're not ebay But I guess a fake can slip by anyone. Most of the 1917 Cs are raw and being sold as job lots but the vast majority of the coins in the Coin Cabinet auctions are graded by PCGS or NGC which should give some comfort (and yes you can get fakes of PCGS and NGC slabs) If you are worried about fakes you may want to search for "fake" on here and you may see some examples which may help you to tell what to look for. I am not the person to ask as I have a 1911 C which came back from NGC as Not Genuine.
  5. Shame - Coin Cabinet has a shed load of 1917 Cs in their auction on 31 May but no 1918 C
  6. Don't get too excited - it is only a catalogue auction you cannot bid live. To be fair London Coins site does beat Coin Cabinet in one respect: their pictures are a lot A LOT better than the Coin Cabinet ones.
  7. Seasider

    Where to sell

    An obvious answer would be on here. Scroll down to the trade section.
  8. The copper spots can be conserved away so I'd be more concerned about the scratches. It would be worth asking @Numistacker for a view on grading and value.
  9. He probably meant the Britannias
  10. https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/lot/cef701bd1921e57ac57fc63c078c6296/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/london-coins-a169-june-2020-lot-1062/ Going to be expensive.
  11. My father had a plan when I was a kid to stop me smoking and drinking. "you want to smoke? Here's a Greek cigarette. you want to drink? Here's a bottle of Guinness."
  12. One of the others is Cerberus - which should tell you where the company is heading. Personally I have stocked up on Diageo because I think people are going to need a drink.
  13. It is a new one on me too. It seems odd there is no grade (even a Details coin will have AU XF or the like). It may be unusual enough to feature in one of @Numistacker's youtube videos?
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