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  1. My collection is about 50/50 split between NGC and PCGS As the coin is not cheap you want shipping insurance. PCGS Europe is awkward. They no longer take submissions at the UK coin shows you have to send submisions to Paris. The last time I checked they only accepted courier deliveries at their Paris office from fed-ex and the insurance coverage was not appropriate. Most couriers don't cover gold and silver coins in the terms and conditions. If I do decide to grade the coin. I would submit to Sarasota as I can use a courier with appropriate cover.
  2. The price is rocketing. I don't usualy buy modern numismatics. One of the main reasons for this. I got fed up of receiving gold proofs with spots or flecks on the surface. I thought modern proofs got five or six strikes. Apparently this is not so. The mint told me modern proofs now only have three strikes and Olympic medals get five strikes. Royal Mint told me The gold Una and the Lion had Six strikes so I'm expecting perfection especially at 4K
  3. Could not resist adding the 2.oz coins to my collection. Now it's what to sell to offset the purchase. Sold out at over £5200 Down under https://www.downies.com/una-and-the-lion-great-engravers-2019-200-pound-2-oz-gold-proof-coin
  4. One of my recent additions to my 1937 collection. 1937 Proof Penny graded PF67 BN By NGC with a top population of one. This coin was advertised on the famous auction site. Unfortunately the seller would not post outside the USA. So I could see the coin but not purchase it. This is where the forum and the community helped me out. Thanks to the help and efforts of long time forum member @Pampfan I was able to acquire the coin. Thanks @Pampfan you made it possible 😎
  5. Received my Christmas raffle prize. Balwick of Gurnsey five pound coins and a neat little box. Thanks to @Goldmick
  6. Thanks watched it at auction. The price was right so I couldn't resist the temptation.
  7. Received this a few weeks ago from baldwins. Thought id share 1801 Columbia Eight Escudos. The five pound sovereign is for size comparison.
  8. I had a letter from the public prosecutor, it has now been translated and he's been prosecuted. He is also awaiting further prosecutions for more serious charges. In the preliminary investigation against Dr. Friedhelm Werner Koenig The accused was finally convicted to an 11month sentence (parole) on the 02/05/2017 by the local court in Straubing - reference number ********** because of another offence. Moreover, another criminal case against the accused is pending with a court in Giessen under reference number ********** because of furhter criminal offenses.
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