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  1. Reduced the Gold Elephant to £1550 Lion 400 Griffin 350
  2. My last gold coin is still for sale. Coin is flawless but capsule is a bit scuffed. I'm looking for £1600, the price now includes Royal Mail Special Delivery insured and tracked. Can meet me to inspect coin, live in ilford London. I'm also selling the 10 Oz Silver Lion for £425 and 10 Oz Griffin for £375. Thank you for viewing.
  3. Spot on the rise again, price unchanged.
  4. Back to 400 for the Lion and 350 for the Griffin.
  5. I managed to sell the first 6 coins set for £400. I would not buy at the price I sold it.
  6. Spot is no 1550 and the price for this coin remains 1750. Will leave at this price for this week is anyone is interested.
  7. Selling QB Lion for 400 and Griffin for 350. Coins are flawless and in capsule.
  8. This coin is still for sale, my final gold coin as gold is set to hit all time highs further. I'm selling it for £1700 or around £200 above spot due to its collector value premium. The coin is flawless, the capsule has a few scuffs.
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