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  1. Sorry, wish I had a solution but no idea why it doesn't.
  2. No I don't think so, it doesn't ask for one but tbh I've used it that long I can't remember if I had to put one in at the start. I checked and the data range comes straight from bullionbypost.co.uk
  3. I use Bullion By Post in excel, have used it for a while and works well although occasionally they change the page and you have to alter the link by a cell.
  4. If no one else gets back to you before me, I can have a look at mine on Monday if still needed.
  5. I'm currently getting 1% on an easy access account after moving from my banks 0.1% ISA. How long that will last I don't know as it looks like the highest at the moment is around 0.5% unless you're willing to lock away for a period.
  6. Tbh I think Royal Mail are getting worse. It wasn't PM's but over Christmas I had 3 complaints running with them at the same time over delayed or lost items. The one item I posted next day by 1pm took two days in mid December and they made a full refund when I applied.
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