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  1. Gorgeous Ansell Sovereign, good week so far! 🥰 Many will know how rare they are in higher grades like this!
  2. bump! bullionbypost are selling these for 440!
  3. 1843 Shield MS64 🤗 20200521_140702.mp4
  4. 1847 Shield Sovereign MS64+ 😍 @ChrisSilver The ability to resize video like you can images on the editor would be handy I think 20200521_135332.mp4
  5. I can send globally at buyers cost of course. PM me
  6. get these at a very low premium at current spot price before I put prices up!
  7. All George V sold, so now it's on to the Jubilee Head ‐------------- Price: 365/ea + post! Coins are all sold as bullion, images are representative but all from the same tubes https://thegoldsovereign.com/store/product/full-sovereign-mixed-years-victoria-jubilee/
  8. Old thread was closed for being a month old, but I still have 14 coins left from this batch! If anyone wants more please contact me because I can retrieve more from the Bank if there is demand. ‐------------- Price: 340/ea plus post! Please note unfortunately i cant sell specific dates for this price! However all coins are in nice condition
  9. +1 for not spamming by creating multiple threads like everyone keeps doing!
  10. I prefer to buy the coin not the slab, and I trust my opinion over somebody elses, proven by how many wrongly graded coins there are out there, of course in my opinion The one benefit I find is PCGS and their photographs, they give a really fair representation of the coin. So if you mean do you prefer buying a slabbed coin from a dealer over a raw coin then yes a slab as I can see the coin in a more realistic form, rather than the heavily post processing images most dealers put out.
  11. I also don't appreciate the insinuation that I'm not a reputable dealer, granted I am not a dealer per se, but I've safely sold over 100 sovereigns so far this month. Yes my prices were 335 including post, then 335 plus post and now 340 plus post, I think it was only fair to move the price along with the gold price no? . And before you say it yes I likely will move it down again when gold moves down (unlike dealers)
  12. gold rallying so grab them while I can keep the price the same!
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