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    Adam2023 reacted to ZRPMs in Gold and Silver   
    Hi there, TBH, most of the info you come across will be hype. It's the view of several prominent people that silver is undervalued. A lot of them in the US. Sadly, a lot but not all, At best, especially on YouTube, could be regarded as influencers. Here in the UK we have VAT to contend with also. That's an extra cost of 20%. Now whilst the secondary market might not pass on the full 20% and it can be a bit cheaper, it still has some extra cost to the premium. So straight out of the gate in the UK, most of what is bought is over priced when compared to spot price. Couple that with how manipulated the spot price is and for what its worth. My humble opinion is that, in the UK silver is not really something to go in to lightly as an investment. For fun or the enjoyment of having shiny coins, rounds and bars, great. I have silver but to be honest never saw it as an investment. It has intrinsic value but varies wildly between that and the market value of the coin / round. If you had bought back in May 2011, You would still be at a massive loss 12 years on. Plus premium and VAT, Please look below. No where close to keeping up with inflation.
    As always do your own research and take nobodies word for it. Gold is a better bet. Again, in my humble opinion.
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    Adam2023 reacted to daca in New Member starting stacking in 2023   
    Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
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    Adam2023 reacted to Gordy in New Member starting stacking in 2023   
    Hi Adam
    Welcome aboard..
    Best place to buy is on here and way way under £30.00 for 1oz silver coins, first port of call for you if you are wanting the best deal is to get a membership or you wont see new listings for 3 days, by that time all the best ones are gone...
    happy hunting.... enjoy the ride!
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    Adam2023 got a reaction from silvergaga in New Member starting stacking in 2023   
    Hi all great forum wishing you great health, family and wealth 
    Whare in the best place to buy silver online?
    silver premiums of 1oz coins are considerable cable be around 30% based of a buy price of £30.00 is this normal as if i were to trade that coin in i would get about £20.00 the question to ask is where is the best place to sell silver coins?
    The difference between a 1kg is around £780.00 and coins that are equivariant to 1 kg is £1008.00 i know coins are more flexible is the best way to stack is to buy 1 kg instead.
    Thank for all your help 
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