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  1. KevinG

    completed Silver at spot

    I'm letting these silver coins go total fineness of the coins and rounds is 468.07 grams. Asking price is 335 Euro including registered shipping within the EU.
  2. KevinG

    completed Selling my Gold

    Still available I now sell them individually
  3. KevinG

    completed Selling my Gold

    I'm selling my Gold due to personal reasons so would like to sell in 1 lot. Price is 1,160 Euro shipping within Belgium is another 7,24 euro and within the rest of Europe 10 euro. Belgian Francs are 270 euro each German 20 Mark is 350 Euro. Pieces are 3 Belgian 20 Francs and 1 German 20 Mark.
  4. All of these came this week 18 90% Silver crown sized coins
  5. Picked up two Bulgarian 5 Leva coins from 1894 and one Romanuan 5 Lei from 1883. With these three crown sized coins we are stepping away from Junk silver into more premium priced silver coins.
  6. I like it I always get one or two of this serie
  7. MunzenAmZoo from Berlin and Pesasus Auctions from Sweden both active on Ma shops From Pegasus I score a Chinese 10 cash coin for a very good price. https://www.ma-shops.nl/pegasus/index.php https://www.ma-shops.nl/pollandt/search.php?searchstr=ngc&submitBtn=Zoeken
  8. Only 3 coins this time 1960 Belgian 50 francs wedding of king Boudewijn and Fabiola de Mora y Aragon. Soviet union 1 Ruble 1924 and another 100.000 Lei from Romania
  9. Chards is very good. Only bought 1 time from them but customer service was exelent.
  10. This is the second Romanian 100.000 Lei coin I picked up and I just bought a 3rd one lol. And a batch of Belgian 20 Franc coins from 1934.
  11. A mix of Belgian Romanian and Bulgarian silver
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