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  1. I don’t know where you are or how you will get them to wherever you are located but I use the ones from silberling.de for my sovs in capsules. Here’s a link: https://www.silberling.de/en/Accessories/Coin-Capsules-Tube-Extra-Small.html P.S. They rattle a little in the tube but they are a close enough fit.
  2. As you can see in the title, I’m looking to add one sovereign to my stack and would like to have the lowest premium over spot price if possible. I would prefer the 2022 design but if that carries too much of a premium I’m happy to just get whatever works out cheapest (as long as it is genuine). Also note I am meaning bullion sovereigns and not proofs or any other grade. Thanks for reading, hope you can help me here!
  3. Just really like the look of it in an assay card as it is a nice little piece to add to my stack and diversify into platinum at the same time. Maybe I will pick up a 1/10 oz platinum Britannia in the future but it is more of a display piece for the time being until I can afford a larger piece.
  4. Yes I have looked at their website and there is no sign of it, even listed as an out of stock item. Some American sites have it listed as being out of stock but other than that no luck. I sent them an enquiry about this particular item and some other a week and a half ago but no response as I assume my questions are too specific for some employee to know the answer to over the phone. I don’t live in England so it isn’t like I could just go down to London and go to the shop in person.
  5. As you can see from the title in looking for the 1/10 oz platinum bar in assay/certicard produced by Baird and co as I cannot find it anywhere in Europe or the UK. Only place that seems to have it is America on eBay which is not very trustworthy for precious metals authenticity. Willing to hear what price is for the item as I am unsure of the premium. Thanks in advance! Hope you can help me out here.
  6. Hi there, am I able to buy three of the bars? One of the one with the UK on it, one with the outline of Poland with the logo in the middle and one of the cool cube bar design? If so I would be happy to arrange payment assuming you are shipping from the UK.
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