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  1. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    I have now sold all my gold 😢 chards gave me a offer I was very happy with and I drove down today to drop them off. Thanks to all for advice on the forum it was very much appreciated. The plan is to move into my new house end of Oct and probably looking to start collecting gold again early in the new year, so I’ll probably not use the forum much until then but again thank you to all who gave advice 👍
  2. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    Only two of the dealers got back to me today, I was happy with both offers might of liked a little more on the queens beasts but just happy to have a hassle free quick sale. One gave me a courier rate and just waiting on the other then I’ll decide. I don’t actually find out until tomorrow lunch about the house I’m after so if I get the house it’s all systems go and if not I’ll be keeping the gold and buying some more.
  3. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    I had a pretty decent offer this morning from one of the dealers but they are paying the same price for all the coins so no extra for the queens beast or oriental borders. Waiting on the other two places getting back to me.
  4. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    What postage service do people use when selling coins privately and how much would it cost to send a 1 oz gold coin insured ?
  5. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    I’ll wait and see what the dealers offer tomorrow and if I think there low on the queens beast I’ll maybe sell privately.
  6. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    That’s good someone from chards on the forum, I’ve just emailed chards atkinsons and hatton garden metals
  7. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    I would be happy with £45k what would be a bad offer from a deader ? I didn’t know they payed spot when buying back.
  8. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    No I would definitely say saving £1000 is not worth the hassle just thought the queens beast would of been worth more. I can’t see the sold section what does a queens beast normally go for privately ?
  9. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    This is what I have, I tried to look for others that sold but this forum has a pay wall ?
  10. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    I have slightly over 31oz could anyone make a rough guess what I would get on the forum vs a dealer ?
  11. 1moreoz

    Selling gold

    I am basically forced to sell my gold. The plan was to buy more but I’ve decided to buy a bigger house and now need to free up funds. So have a couple of questions. Ideally don’t want to sell my gold privately just because going down the dealer route is fast and easy. I seen atkinsons basically pay £1500 for the queens beast is this quite a bad price ? I am sure they were selling for closer to £2000 a while ago. I wouldn’t mind selling the queens beast privately and just the rest to a dealer ? Also I plan to drop atkinsons, chards and hatton garden a email for price tomorrow. Is there any other recommended dealers I should email ?
  12. 2013 Brit it’s quite a bit bigger but thinner but that’s all I know. Mines has a few red dots now, first time I’ve noticed them. Someone must know more on the forum, did they only do that version for 1 year?
  13. Thank you everyone for the helpful advice. I will drop a few places a email tomorrow just to see what stock they have in 1oz coins and maybe hopefully snag a better deal. I looked out my coins today, haven’t looked at them in a very long time but something about that 100gram bar I just love holding it 😂
  14. Hi all new member looking for some advice. I have in the past bought some 1oz gold coins, I like the size and feel of the 1oz coins and just kind of stopped buying them after gold went over £1000 a oz. I was waiting for it to go back down and it never did. Now I am looking to get back into gold. Looking to buy £20,000 worth and wondering what would be the best dealer to go to ? I had used atkinsons and chards before are they still my best bet ? Also should I email and ask for a better rate ? In the past I would just pick up a single coin at a time but wondering if I buy more should I look to get a better deal.
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