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  1. 3 x 100g JM bars. SOLD Thanks for looking.
  2. For sale is a JM kilo bar Thanks for looking.
  3. Happy to be of help 👍
  4. There's also the group orders where it's purchased from one of the European dealers. Just don't go via ebay at least until you've familiarised yourself with whatever you're after. They do have a counterfeit problem.
  5. We often refer to bullion or bullion grade as PM's which are worth at or just over spot price. Something collectable would range from being fancy artwork/limited editions/vintage/numismatics
  6. If you want something you can offload easily or should an emergency come up and you needed to sell then go for bullion. But then you're relying solely on spot price for appreciation If you don't mind paying extra and prefer the fancy stuff go with collectable PM's
  7. First half sov for the collection!
  8. True! Have you at least weighed it? Does look like a bit of wear on one side on yours. Mine weight 6.44g which is pretty much on point for the Ambiani type C. I'm just struggling to find out much about these coins.
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