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  1. UK Gold Coins is now out of stock (at least for now).
  2. It is SO much better than the U.S. Mint! When a hot coin is released, hundreds of thousands converge on the Mint's web site, clog it up, and the site cannot handle all the traffic. Then there are the flippers' bots that buy up everything they can in minutes. The U.S. Mint has basically gone from a source for collectors to a source for dealers and flippers with the means to access the web site and buy up all the hot issues to sell for a large profit.
  3. If you are still interested and willing to spend a few pounds more, they are still available at UK Gold Coins: https://ukgoldcoins.co.uk/product/the-platinum-jubilee-of-her-majesty-the-queen-2022-celebration-sovereign/
  4. I'm wondering how the dealers keep getting extra supplies of these after they are sold out. Do they hold some back? Trade with other dealers? Since the dealers apparently already know their allocation from the RM, this means that there will be considerably less than 1,200 available when the RM puts them on sale.
  5. It's much harder if you live across the pond. 9:00 am London time is 3:00 am for me. I actually woke up at 3:00 am when the proof Sovereigns were released on November 15 and had the coin ordered with no problems by about 9:30 am London time. They were still in stock at that time, but it seems the Royal Mint put me at the end of the line for shipping. I got an e-mail that the Sovereign would not be shipped until mid-January. Because I have already had a coin canceled by the Royal Mint, I did not want to take any chances, so I canceled my order and bought the coin from a dealer. And, I received that coin a month before the Royal Mint would have shipped my original order. It seems that buyers in Great Britain receive their orders well before they are even shipped to other countries.
  6. This is pure matte. I believe that the regular bullion Sovereigns are more glossy. I do like the matte finish. The SOTD Sovereign also has a plain edge, while all other Sovereigns have a milled edge.
  7. There will be a battle for this coin on February 6. With a mintage of just 1,200 and the appeal of the special occasion, the demand will far exceed the supply. It’s already happening. I expect the available coins will be snapped up in minutes when the Royal Mint opens the floodgates. If you’re interested, better to lock in this coin before February 6 if you can find them and don’t mind spending more than the RRP.
  8. Yes, it's a matte coin but supposedly with a reverse matte finish (first ever) and plain edge (as opposed to milled). This should differentiate it and identify it as a SOTD Sovereign.
  9. True. I paid quite a bit less for a standard proof from Chards, but I really wanted this special Sovereign. I did not want to pass up the chance to lock my order in place or fight with the crowds on February 6 - especially since I live in the U.S. and would have to get up in the middle of the night to enter the queue. Plus, I have recently placed orders with the Royal Mint, and they seem to put international orders at the bottom of the shipping list (if the order does not get canceled). I got my proof Sovereign from Chards a month before the Royal Mint would have shipped my original order (which I canceled).
  10. He must have just pulled 3 more out of his left pocket!
  11. Thanks so much for posting this, westminstrel! I was able to order one - at a much higher price because there were only 2 left - but at least they had it and I was able to order one. This has been very tough to find in advance. Both Coin Connection and Chards sold out quickly.
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