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  1. Thanks Hp88. Would offering payment by Paypal reassure members, do you think? Thanks daca!
  2. Thanks James. That's very helpful.
  3. Thanks - I'll have a search through the traders section.
  4. Thanks. I'll post in the trade section when I have an idea what the going rate is for these. Does 650 seem about right? Opinions welcome!
  5. Hello everyone. I've been researching the best way to sell some silver. I have four 1 kilo silver bars which I bought from Bullion By Post in 2012. The description on the invoice is 'Umicore 1 Kilo Silver Bar Minted Bar 999.0' I find that BBP will offer £541 each for these at the moment and that Ebay sellers seem to be getting about £700 - £740 (according to the 'Sold Items' listings). I'm not willing to risk selling on Ebay though, due to the known scams associated with high value items. So, the research which leads me here suggests a private sale is the way to go and that the selling price would be somewhere in between those mentioned above. Any opinions/suggestions? Thanks in advance. John PS Happy to add a photo, if appropriate.
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