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  1. Wow, thank you! Will need to head back in tomorrow and maybe get a picture and check for sure what date it is.
  2. Hi all, I'm pretty new to silver collecting/stacking and today went into a local antique shop and came across a Queen Mary 1st sixpence. In a good condition for its age, I was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about how much this coin is worth? Don't know a lot about old British coins so have no idea myself. Year was in her reign so between 1553-1558, can't remember exact year but will update very soon once the shop gets back to me TIA
  3. I did end up buying some from someone above, just still on the look out! Very good point though, I'm really new to silver stacking/collecting and so just trying to get a feel for what's out there so I don't really have a coin/bar of preference but anything £25 or under is what i'd really be looking for budget wise sorry definitely should have mentioned that before! very new to forum too so still learning.
  4. Looking to buy some 1oz .999 silver coins or bars, if you have any of either for sale then i'd really appreciate pictures and prices! No preference on coin/bar (very new to collecting/stacking so would love to see what's out there!) but looking for hopefully £25 or under. Thank you
  5. Hi everyone! Pretty new to silver stacking/collecting and just came across this forum so thought i'd join! Nice to meet you all
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