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  1. Welcome to the forum. I had similar dilemma between sovereign and Britannias. It’s not fully resolved but I’d be leaning towards mix of 1oz Brits and sovs. Time will tell where I’ll end up 😁
  2. The good thing is that it may discourage flippers. If people are already overextending themselves for RM prices and considering skipping series then they will not pay extra flipper premiums either, so it will no longer be considered as quick money. However it doesn’t change the fact that real victims are people who would love to collect those but simply cannot afford so many releases. I’m curious how will it look like, but probably will skip it. And save for some small stack of regular bullion 2022 sovereigns 😁
  3. Welcome, I’m new here as well 👍
  4. Hi all, new member from UK here. I’m considering investing in gold (or metals in general) to protect capital. I hope to find a lot of info here how to do it right. In the past I had episode with collecting coins. But bullion is something completely new to me. I’ve already read few threads and like what I see 😁
  5. I’ve made two orders with them and didn’t have any problems either. They were packaged in the same way as yours. I’ve got 1 silver Britannia as well and can’t see anything wrong with it. But it may be my lack of experience 😁 I will probably order from them in the future.
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