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  1. @JuniorOh that's a bit of a hit too. An 1893 CC musta set you back more than I'm comfortable with. My problem is though I need real ones now. I was thinking of getting culls from one of the reputable dealers online. Apmex or hero or sd or jm. One thing I did want to ask. Is the strike on these and details better than most to make it seem fake? Because I was looking for some kind of fault but couldn't in these fakes. All except the weight is what was off. The strike and details are still correct? Or at least enough to fool only those who haven't studied these for years?
  2. I thank all of you for everything. Interesting to see that the certain New Orleans mint dates that are easily counterfeited because of softer strikes. Idk... The weight is around 24.XXg on it. I have around 8 of them and all have proper dimensions except weight. Same too with 3 Peace Dollars I got. But I knew they were counterfeit the minute I had a 1921 dollar. Which of course would be ridiculous at 3 for like $60-$70. I am so disappointed, these were supposed to be my first of both peace and morgans. The prices were just right to make you think it was genuine and cheap enough to call you to them.
  3. Many thanks @Junior that was what I needed... It's fake. That stinks but lessons are wonderful... If only it didn't cost so much.
  4. So, I've gotten this Morgan it's dimensions seem ok but I'm still second guessing. Anyone with experience in this area? I'm not good with the ring test... It has a ring but I'm not sure if it is or not.
  5. Ok then maybe these still help then? Finally got a microscope...
  6. Please I'm not sure if this is something but I got a couple half dollars the other day and now that I've looked at this 1972 D Kennedy half dollar it looks like it could be something worth keeping? Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  7. Lol... So if I would have scrolled down a little bit I would have seen this. I put it in the pinned discussion. What do we see happening with silver next year? The Fed will be raising rates putting headwinds on the price while inflation is spiralling out of control. Which will win? Maybe a 20% gain in silver over 2022? Will it sink or will it float?
  8. So I know this is like over a year old but isn't it interesting to see the price of silver had almost doubled since this. What do we see happening with silver next year? The Fed will be raising rates putting headwinds on the price while inflation is spiralling out of control. Which will win? Maybe a 20% gain in silver over 2022? Will it sink or will it float?
  9. I never have nor ever will go into NYC. I've no business there, everything is too expensive, crime is insane plus it's a 3+ hour drive. But there are some around me just need to stretch the legs
  10. Good sir I do not like American football. I was born in the wrong country I feel sometimes. I love Tottenham Hotspurs and in rugby Leicester Tigers... Lol I'm 100% American though.
  11. @SilverStorm@ Yes sir that would be true if I were in the city but I'm in upstate... People tend to forget there's a whole other landmass that is the actual state. Even though it's the City that runs the whole state, but anyway I live in an area where there are more cows in the area than people. Finding any kind of specialty shop like such isn't as easy as you may think. There's pawn shops which if you build a rapport with the owner he will help you out. Mostly around me are franchise pawn shops so there's just people that work there and their specialist on such items is not in the area which is the case for me. The nearest coin shop is approx. 45 mins away from me. It's difficult out in the country but I love it.
  12. Yeah I think I need to work on my listening skills. I play musical instruments but still am in having a hard time correctly knowing the exact pitch of the ping. But Yes like you say the other coins are simple not too expensive coins. I like the lot all in all just it would be nice to make like 10,000% on my investment. I have found that there is a '25 stonewall half dollar and it is fake. Weighs 14 and some change grams and it's supposed to be a 12.something gram coin. There is a '76 S Kennedy proof that I think is legit. Not an expensive coin but red book has it at like $13 which means it'll probably go for half that. Then there is every denomination of 1960-90's USSR coins which is fascinating. I really enjoy it and it came in a Cyrillic album so that was cool. I think there is a silver Nepal 1 rupee coin but it's diameter is off. This numista site... Jimminy Crickets is it amazing. I could spend hours. Oh one coin I'm not sure about that doesn't seem like it would be a heavily reproduced coin in it is a Meiji Dynasty 1876 2 sen bronze coin. It looks circulated and like it was in a fire or something as a part of one side is blackened. Now if it is legit that plus the third Reich coins are good enough for me to be pleased with. If you look at the first. 2 pics it is in the bottom right corner. There is also on the other side a Russian 1 ruble from 1964.
  13. The ring for me is unmistakeably silver. Long ring and high pitch. Even a slight tap causes that wonderful beautiful sound. At least that's my take. I know it def. Can't be authentic but I'm about 80 - 90% sure it's silver.
  14. eBay for like $30 for the whole album. No one else bid on on it. How can I determine if any of these are legitimate. I have no LCS near me. Edit: yeah the coin had no coin edge either it is smooth. Plus I looked it up and all the Oliver crowns have an 8 over 7. This one is a perfect 8 so idk. It is real silver though. I was thinking of just adding in to a pour I will eventually do.
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