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  1. Sure I know them very well and bought there many times. Brexit killed good business because of VAT unfortunately. If you are looking for sth particular you can drop me PM.
  2. Maybe, but the previous one I bought for 65€. 90€ is quite a high starting price but the inflation and raises are anywhere and PM might have the higher priced this year.
  3. I know the prices now. 90€ was starting price in EMK, then increased as you see now. Perth Mint started with 130AUD but for me the shipping and duties make this deal not interesting. Just wondering if any other dealer can have it cheaper because not all of them released it on Friday 7th.
  4. Items for sale: 5x set of Zeus & Poseidon Tuvalu 1oz BU (Perth Mint, mintage 13500) Price: 120 GBP each set + shipment 4x Chatham Island Crested Penguin New Zealand 1oz BU 2020 with COA (New Zealand Mint, mintage 25000) Price: 36 GBP each coin + shipment 1x 2021 DC Comics Batmobil Niue 1989 antique finish, BOX + COA (New Zealand Mint, mintage 3000) Price: 95 GBP + shipment 1x 2021 DC Comics Batmobil Niue 1997 antique finish, BOX + COA (New Zealand Mint, mintage 3000) Price: 85 GBP + shipment Both together: 170 GBP + shipment Condition notes: Never opened from the capsules by me. Mint condition. Item Location: UK, Kent (personal pick up possible) Shipping destinations: Will ship in UK. Outside UK shipping possible - drop me a PM. Payment Terms: Wire transfer, Revolut or PPFF.
  5. Hi, Anyone found a deal for Lunar Opal Tiger 2022 today? EMK had 90€ as starting price but it is far beyond my expectation and 25% higher then starting price for previous OX Opal 2021. Bart
  6. Yes I went thru it and followed the instruction to write here a welcome message. So I'll check when it is open for me to create a trading post. Thanks
  7. Thanks for warm welcome. Is it sth blocked that I cannot create a trade post? I'm looking for sth to buy but I wanted to create one sell post too.
  8. Hi silver stackers, I am a collector and silver stacker since my childhood but actively stacking metals almost 3 years now. Living in Poland and UK, having silver friends all over the Europe. Bart
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