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  1. Does anyone have any insight into when the Seymour Panther reverse proof set is likely to be released? The mint just says "coming soon" - it's always helpful to be able to budget ahead! 😂
  2. Thank you! And from seeing the panda in your profile picture, that is one of the silver rabbit holes I'm currently falling down! 🤣
  3. Hi All 👋 I'm new to the forum and generally speaking a relatively new collector. Started off with some thematically organised bunc coins and very quickly ended up down the precious metals rabbit hole! Mostly focusing on interesting silver coins with my first toe dip into the gold water coming this sovereign season. Shaun
  4. I think point 2 here would absolutely minimise time wasted waiting in a queue only to find no items when you get access to the website. It might also reduce some clogging if people aren't interested in what's left to let them duck out of the queue so those further back but do want things (e.g. 2oz silver) can stick around. Point 1 is something I wish they would consider - this could easily be included in the pre-release information email. Even better, it could be released a reasonable time in advance to help with budgeting and weighing up where I'd like to focus my collection!
  5. Given I’m 4331 now, I’m inclined to accept defeat and give up on this one 😩
  6. I had a phone and laptop browser open since 0830 and ended up at 4.7K on one and over 5K on the queue in the other - no luck for me this morning I think!
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