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  1. have bought from them quite a few times and seen both sides. 1, paid then dispatched next working day. This is the best you get 2 Paid dispatched a few days later. This is usual. 3 Paid, payment gets 'lost in system' even though my bank gives me all the details that payment is siting in there bank. The CC state non payment they will get debt collectors 'bailiffs' to collect debts, well if they cannot sort out payments that sits in there own bank accounts its very bad that they contact a debt recovery company quickly. I have bought from many auction houses and the CC are the only auction house that i know that pursue's bidders like this. One other thing i have noticed. The CC are a small outfit, When another aution house was having an aution you could not get in touch with them , IMO they are watching /buyers at other auction houses . Please note this is not a complaint of the CC all busnesses can operate how ever they like within the law.
  2. I've been told buy the RM that there will be coins being released in March so i beleive that not everyone could of ordered both coins.
  3. looks like we are in the same boat. Hopefully we will get an email in a few days with our name on the next release list.
  4. I was not given the option of buying the Gothic Portratit which is going to be launched in March. I have phoned the RM i spoke the the customer services, they have forwarded my order up to let the 'department' know i was not given an option to order the next release.
  5. I bought the first coin but there was not an option for the second coin? do i automatically get offered one
  6. Just to let you guys know. I was at the front of the queue for about 2 minutes before i got onto the site
  7. just got in and there seem only one coin left to order so i get that
  8. How can that be? if the silver 2oz has a mintage of 2500 and people are in the queue less than 1000 didn't get a coin?
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