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  1. Tried to PM you but seems I am not able to.
  2. Hello, any milking spots on the group 1? Also any idea what the delivery to Greece is (5-10USD?)
  3. Thanks for your answer, to he honest beasts are my first series and I really like them so I would like to complete the series one day. If I find a decent price and availability I could buy few more as a potential resale pieces in the future. Even though for this purpose I buy kangaroos as from what I read are decent with milk spotting.
  4. Hello guys, till now I have only two of the beasts (White Greyhound and White horse, plus completer) I am looking to try and complete the series or at least add few more. For the first ones I paid a bit less than 60e per coin, I am searching for the rest and the ones I can find are in best case around 100euro. Is it too much? What you think? Also anyone here who is willing to sell any?
  5. Hello gents, greetings from Greece, new member here and new in precious metals, even though I invest many years and trading commodities I recently started stacking silver/gold and found this forum. Looking forward to meet you and see what the future holds for this community and not only. All the best and stay safe.
  6. found a bit late your videos at youtube and this forum, just want to say they look awesome.
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