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  1. Greetings and salutations, welcome in our midst. I personally will have more to learn from you than the other way around but let's keep each other sharp and share knowledge as much as possible.......and most of all let's have some fun in these dark and desperate times! Dawnbreaker
  2. I am less negative about silver as an investment than most of the people here. However it does depend on how you define investment, what your macro economical outlook on the future is and how much you might need the fiat currency you invested in it for other purposes. If you believe you can make some quick gains also known as day trading than silver will probably not be good investment. The costs and premiums are simply too high to quickly earn back. However as a 20 year or so investment where you manage the dollar cost average of it all still is not completely bonkers. Other assets at the moment are in my opinion way overvalued and a correction is coming. What this will do to gold and silver however is a big question and will depend a lot on whether the correction will take several leading currencies with it on a downwards trajectory and whether this will cause a switch to a world currency backed by something that maintains a certain inherent value. Gold and silver could be included in that but it is not certain that a breakdown of the world currencies will occur and if it does what will take it's place. If the cost of everyday living will go through the roof you might also need fiat currency to keep being able to live at a certain comfort level. It is nice if your stack triples in value but if each time you need to spend an ounce to get a gallon of gasoline or a loaf of bread you will probably quickly run out of your investment anyway. Best to have some silver around for fun AND as an investment but don't expect it to be the best performing asset you have.
  3. Yes, I have.....but you probably mean imported to the UK. As someone living in the Netherlands sofar I haven't been taxed for importing it......yet. But I have heard about people getting hit with VAT sometimes close to a year after the fact. Anyway on "coins" and "coin bars" I have just payed spot + premiums (depending on the coins from 10 to about 100% percent above spot), insurance during travel (between 0,5 and 2,5% off the buying price) and shipping costs. I tend to pick dealers and suppliers with fixed delivery costs. Depending on the size of purchase and the package(s) usually between 5 and 50 euro's. I don't have any info on importing bars. I think over here they are taxed with 21% extra VAT. That makes the "investment" even from a collector point of view very, very, very costly. Storing them in the country you purchased them is a more cost efficient method but the question is if you have enough faith in the stability of the system and the nation it is in to be able to get / trade it if you need to.
  4. Welcome to the club and enjoy your stay. What brought you in?
  5. Thanks all for your input. I guess my gut feeling was right then after all. I didn't offer much above spot but looking back at it I already thought I was pushing it. I think I will let the offer pass me by. @richatthecroft, thanks for the warning. I was a bit worried about that since so little was known about it and the variety in commemorative medals about U.S. presidents is mind boggling. I still think it is the real deal though. At the "seal of the presidency"-side below the tail you can see three identification marks. The one most to the right is the symbol of the NI, the Numismatica Italiana, I guess they either minted it or at least certified it. But since my Italian is less than rudimentary, the medal being in far less than perfect condition and me not being particularly invested or interested in Nixon's presidency I decided to leave the investigation and the medal to someone more eager. Safer to stick to "coins" for the time being anyhow. Nonetheless thank you for looking out for me.
  6. There are these two 5 Franc coins I have been eyeing for a while. They are from the Napoleon III period. Both damaged, the 1858-A has a clear dent and the 1863-A has a hole in it. So the seller was offering them at a discount. However the seller still had a higher price in mind then everyone was willing to give. Apparently he had a change of mind and now wants to renegotiate with me as I was apparently the highest bidder. What do you people think the both of them are realistically worth? They seem "F" to me but man.....the damage. I want to run this past you people as I might be either too optimistic or too pessimistic and I want to have a clear number in my head for the renegotiation. If it even comes to that as in the meantime I have shifted my target to a scratched golden Richard Nixon medallion but the seller has little to no information about it so I am hoping maybe somebody here could fill me in.
  7. I contemplated on buying a monster box through your website as it was on "sale". However by the end of the XMAS21 PROMO on Monday evening both the Bull & Bear and the Goddess Europa monster box were no longer available. I figured they had sold out and although a bit disappointed for not being able to buy a "real" monster box this time, I bought me some tubes of both and a couple of bars instead (in hindsight I should have better gone to the VIP Lounge but that one is on me). However I checked back in on Tuesday and now both monster boxes are back and both are on sale again albeit for a higher price and without the discount. What happened here? I can only spend my cash once and it is yours to sell any way you want it but it did leave me feeling a bit gutted. Still looking forward to the coins and doing business again in the future but might I advice the company to avoid doing things like that in the future. I understand inventory control is a thing here and selling more items during a promo than you can deliver is not good for business either but I am feeling less thrilled now about my purchase as I had to compromise and make a less than optimal purchase without it being necessary in hindsight. Also a couple of questions. Do your promo codes stack or does only the highest one count? The general idea on this forum is that they don't stack. Second I heard some rumours here and on WSS around the VAT-free Estonian era ending at New Years. That seems inaccurate as I believe the tax law change still needs to be approved but it would be nice if your experts can keep us stackers and collectors informed. Happy holidays as your team seems to take a well earned break and to a healthy and perhaps wealthy 2022 with maybe some more optimal purchases.
  8. Welcome....I think Auvesta is one of those companies where your savings are converted to silver or gold. I think they hold it for you.
  9. Informative.....thank you for sharing! And yet the price seems to continue to drop.
  10. I am aware of the code, the delivery cost + the insurance cost. What puzzles me is the discount I could potentially get from here. How does that work?
  11. I see Europa Bullion is having a "Black Friday Warmup-discount" on their goddess europa bar that I been having my eyes on for awhile. Now I was planning on supporting this forum anyhow and it seems I could get an additional discount this way. But now my question is how does this all work? Do I order their and let them know I also joined here or viceversa, or is their a code? Can someone take me through the process!?
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