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  1. Been in the queue since early morning. Nipped out to the shop, should have only taken 10 mins. Saw an old boy fall and bang his head so stood with him for an hour until help came. Get back home, place at front of the queue expired!!! I'm such a lucky lucky man.
  2. Found this amongst a load of old coins I'm sorting through. Managed to narrow it down a bit but there seems to be a few versions. Grateful if anyone can identify it and perhaps put a value on it. Thanks in advance. Kev
  3. Count me in with a Goddess Europa and ten quids worth of scratchcards.
  4. Hi, thanks for your response. Could you please send some pics and how much you would want for it. Cheers Kev
  5. Haha. I think someone was railroaded out of Newcastle for wearing a coat in December. One of my daughters has migrated south to Leeds and says its like living in a tropical paradise.
  6. Looking to buy a 1928 sovereign. Needs to be in decent condition but don't mind which mint it originated from.
  7. It's an undeniable truth that anyone who has spent time in The North East is naturally cool and has a body temperature 2 degrees below the norm.
  8. And if the sl76 in your name refers to adidas trainers we probably had matching shoes.
  9. It's the currency store found in most towns, think they used to be called Eurochange. I've not used them yet, today is the first day I noticed them on a Google search.
  10. Mostly sovereigns, 1oz silver coins and bars, a few old guineas, some silver piedfort pounds, a couple of those 2014 mule britannias, sets of the Beatrix Potter royal mint coins for the kids and 100g silver bars. To keep my motivation I'm wanting to get a 1oz silver coin from every country that produces them. So far got maples, eagles, britannias so plenty of hunting needed.
  11. Hi I've just signed up to the forum after seeing it mentioned on a YouTube video. I've been picking up Gold and Silver coins and bars over the last ten years or so but without a strategy or any idea of what I wanted to do with my purchases. At the moment I would class myself as a buyer rather than a seller, hoping to get myself educated and avoid making poor decisions when buying. Cheers.
  12. Just signed up to the forum looking to buy some silver but noticed NMmoney are selling 1oz Baird gold bars for Β£1359 delivered. Seems a decent price and might be of use to someone.
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