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    0laf5on reacted to LiquidMetalsUK in Hedge your bets 10oz bars   
    2 x 10oz hedge your bets bars. Neat designe these
    Haven't planned in selling but few extra funds for my Vegas trip 
    Super high polish and lovely in hand 
    £245 each plus post 
    £7 sd
    Ppff, wise or bt 

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    0laf5on reacted to arphethean in 1/2oz 2012 Gold Proof Britannia for £805 posted SD   
    I have for sale this beautifully presented set of proof Britannia gold coins from 2012.
    Consisting of half ounce, quarter ounce and 1/10th ounce coins, and comes with original beautiful wooden case and COA
    COA is numbered 007!! All you Bond fans, please form an orderly queue.
    One of only 100 presentations.
    Coins are in good condition but show some slight signs of handling.
    Asking £1375 including Special Delivery
    Now will split if this is of interest:
    1/10th ounce for £190 SOLD
    1/4 ounce for £405
    1/2 ounce for £800
    All these prices PLUS post or FREE SD if you take 2 or more

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    0laf5on reacted to ArgentSmith in BYB rarity Serial #01 European Mint 100g bar   
    Hello TSF
    Thought I would offer this up for anyone interested.
    Beautiful ripple bar 2020 (the good old days) European Mint edition, Dragon Bar #01. Weighing just over 105g. Comes with little velvet baggy, cant find the COA sorry. Starting at 1p running 7 days due to bargain start price ending 24th @ 20.00
    Will be interesting to see what this goes for,
    Thanks for looking 🤗

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    0laf5on reacted to PapaLazarou in Today I Received.....   
    Tombola Cornucopia   The splendid haul of swag that was the "Silver to Platinum" prize has now landed and I again offer my heartfelt thanks to @stefffana, @ryanwinter73 and @theman73. All glorious.   I must also extend my gratitude to admin @ChrisSilver for the one month's TSF membership credit.

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    0laf5on reacted to ChrisSilver in GOLD AT SPOT - TSF / Tavex Exclusive - Gold Kruggerands at SPOT - LIMITED TIME - ALL TSF Members   
    Some behind the scenes issues with the current forum server migration but that doesn't stop this amazing deal on gold......

    This is a chance for members to be able to purchase gold at spot price.... 

    Limited time exclusive for TSF members until current stock is sold out (estimated to be gone before 22nd September 2023 but could sell out much faster if a lot of members take up this offer) 

    Random year 1oz Gold Kruggerand, dealer's choice. Bullion Grade. 0% Premium at SPOT. Available until sold out of current stock (estimated to be sold before 22nd September 2023, subject to availability of current stock) using code: KRUGERRAND0 on the order form. Please make sure you add the discount code on the order form before ordering to get the discount applied. 

    Link to purchase: https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/1oz-south-african-krugerrand-previous-years/

    This is available to all members including FREE standard forum members. Though of course we do appreciate those who chose to support TSF with Premium Membership as this helps us greatly  

    Other deals also available here: https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/81342-exclusive-tsf-member-discounts-at-tavex-all-members-limited-time-⌛/
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    0laf5on reacted to ChrisSilver in EXCLUSIVE TSF Member Discounts at TAVEX - ALL members, LIMITED TIME ⌛   
    TSF and @TavexBullion are very excited to announce a limited time promotional offer open to all TSF members! Tavex already provide exceptional value with highly competitive prices in the UK, this offer gives TSF members even more discounts on top, for a limited time!

    Tavex is planning on joining the Platinum Offers from Selected Dealers programme, that gives discounts from selected dealers for Platinum and Platinum PLUS Premium members. But before this we have launched an introductory promotional offer at even better discounted rates open to ALL TSF members! (note that the offers that will be available in the Platinum Offers programme may be lower than this introductory offer, and they have not been worked out yet, the volume of orders in this introductory offer may affect how much discount we are able to offer on that) 

    For full transparency TSF were offered affiliate links and to earn a commission from referred sales, we have decided to split the commission equally between TSF and members in the form of discounts using these discount codes instead. The % discount below is the % that will be deducted from the item cost at checkout, TSF will also earn the same % commission on these discounted products that are ordered. The split is equal. This will help us to grow the forum further and to help us negotiate more great deals like this for members in the future  

    The Tavex 1g Gold Bar

    One of the products I would like to highlight in this deal is the Tavex 1g Gold Bar. At the time of writing this bar costs just £55.51 (before discount) which offers exceptional value per gram when compared to other fractional gold items (even much larger ones), these bars are also very affordable and a good introduction to gold, though small they are very easy to resell and are great for those who wish to purchase a very small piece of gold but regularly. From my understanding and knowledge these are the lowest price 1g Gold Bars that you can by from any dealer in the UK, even lower when you add the TSF discount on top! These are IMO a great pick up! Easily divisible when coming to sell.

    Introductory offer, 1% discount! Using discount code THESILVERFORUM

    Discount is available until 25th September 2023 23:55 UK time. 

    All Items and discount available 

    All items below can be purchased between now and until 25th September, 23:55 UK time 2023 using the discount code THESILVERFORUM please make sure that you use the discount code on the order form before placing the order, as it is unlikely that they will be able to add the discount retrospectively.  
    Introductory offers:

    1g Tavex Gold Bar - 1% discount! (featured product)  https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/1-gram-tavex-gold-bar-uk-london/

    100g PAMP Lady Fortuna Gold Bar - 0.5% discount https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/100-gram-pamp-investment-gold-bar/
    20g PAMP Lady Fortuna Gold Bar - 0.5% discount https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/20g-investment-gold-bar-pamp-tavex-uk-london/
    10g PAMP Lady Fortuna Gold Bar - 0.5% discount https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/10g-pamp-fortuna-gold-bar/
    5g PAMP Lady Fortuna Gold Bar - 0.5% discount https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/5g-investment-gold-bar-pamp-tavex-uk-london/
    2.5g PAMP Lady Fortuna Gold Bar - 0.5% discount https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/2-5g-investment-gold-bar-pamp-fortuna-uk-london-tavex/
    1g PAMP Lady Fortune Gold Bar - 0.5% discount https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/1gram-pamp-fortuna-gold-bar-tavex-uk-london/
    1oz PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar - 0.5% discount https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/1oz-investment-gold-bar-pamp-fortuna-tavex-london-uk/

    250g Valcambi Suisse Gold cast Bar - £50 discount per bar https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/250g-valcambi-gold-bar-tavex-london-uk/
    1oz British Myths and Legends Merlin Gold Coin - £10 discount per coin https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/1-oz-british-myths-and-legends-merlin-gold-coin/
    1oz The Royal Tudor Beasts: Yale of Beaufort 2023 Gold Coin - £10 discount per coin https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/1-oz-the-royal-tudor-beasts-yale-of-beaufort-2023-gold-coin/
    1oz The Royal Tudor Beasts: Bull of Clarence 2023 Gold Coin - £10 discount per coin https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/1-oz-the-royal-tudor-beasts-bull-of-clarence-gold-coin/

    1oz British Royal Arms Gold Coin - 0.5% discount https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/1-oz-british-royal-arms-gold-coin/
    George & Victoria Sovereigns  - 0.5% discount https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/great-britain-gold-coin-george/ and https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/great-britain-gold-coin-sovereign-victoria/

    Discounts on PAMP lady Fortuna bars available (see above discount rates) Image taken from Tavex's website. 

    How to get he discount?

    Simple use the discount code THESILVERFORUM when checking out on Tavex's website: https://tavexbullion.co.uk

    Click on the "Have a discount code?" on the order summery box on the right. Then enter the code in, press the yellow button to enter. Make sure the code has been applied before checking out.  

    Combine shipping 

    Tavex already offer a collection option at check out, which gives customers the ability to place an order with £0 delivery fee and then collect in person from their office (by arrangement of appointment) for those who do not live in London, or for those who prefer their order shipped but who wish to save on shipping you can select this option and combine orders together to pay a single delivery charge. (the maximum value of gold per shipment is £10,000)

    This is an especially great option for those who say wish to purchase one to two 1g gold bars per week say, and then combine for a monthly shipping. 

    Please comment below

    If you like this promotion please comment below and help to promote this offer. The more successful and popular this promotion is the better discounts we can likely work out in the Platinum Offers from Selected Dealers Programme.

    If you use this promotional discount code, please do comment below so we can see how popular this offer is to members
    Tavex are also open to adding additional items from their catalogue to future promotions, if there are particular items that you would like us to see if we can get discounts on in the future please let us know below. 
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    0laf5on reacted to Auronum in x2 Umicore Silver kilo bars   
    x2 Umicore Silver bars available for 659 posted 
    Sigma tested
    A lovely lump of silver

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    0laf5on reacted to Solachesis in Today I Received.....   
    Aladeeen number 3, from @geowill989
    Features the older mosque design on the reverse with the switch to Khomeini on the obverse, later Khomeini heads use a more modern interpretation of the mosque.
    The reverse will be familiar to anyone that remembers the OG Aladeen, except that one didn't have papa Khomeini on.
    This is the way. Praise Khomeini 

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    0laf5on reacted to Olliecobs in Today I Received.....   
    1kg of beautiful silver. Thanks to @LiquidMetalsUK 

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    0laf5on reacted to SiCole in Today I Received.....   
    Latest additions

    The collection of them is starting to grow

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    0laf5on reacted to Silverlocks in Today I Received.....   
    1959 Diez Pesos (probably a restrike)
    Purchased a 10 peso coin at the London Coin Fair the other day - it's a little bit larger than a sovereign, .900 with 7.5g gold content.
    The finish is in pretty good nick, although there are some abrasions visible on the obverse.


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    0laf5on reacted to Fenlander1 in Today I Received.....   
    Today's arrival thanks too 

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    0laf5on reacted to Sovhead in Today I Received.....   
    1911 Canadian Sov.
    Any opinions on grade???
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    0laf5on reacted to CazLikesCoins in Today I Received.....   
    I took one '23 golden sovereign to compare to the golden lustre of the tin foil found in a packet of Tesco's biccies. How did the sov compare? Not very well at all lol. 
    Sov saved. Biscuits eaten. This concludes my experiment.

    Sov received today, Biscuits still in date.
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    0laf5on reacted to Britannia47 in Today I Received.....   
    Really? Here is George IV in context, by cartoon satirist Cruikshank in 1816
     + Laureate head 1824 and Barehead 1829 reverse)….🙂

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    0laf5on reacted to Charliemouse in Today I Received.....   
    Collected an amazing haul of conserved and graded coins from our @GoldDiggerDave.  All of these came back MS/PF70.  Lovely...
    2023 Coronation Quintuple Sovereign BU

    2018 Queens Beasts Red Dragon 1/4oz Proof

    2022 Memorial Piedfort Sovereign Proof

    2007 Proof Full Sovereign Proof

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    0laf5on reacted to Silverlocks in Today I Received.....   
    A couple of Dollaridoos from Perth Mint
    Finally caught up with the silver.  Maybe I'll get a bit more next payday (which is in a week or so)
    2022 Quokka

    2023 Wedge Tailed Eagle

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    0laf5on reacted to Petra in Today I Received.....   
    Just a small local purchase whilst in town today! No postage so very competitive compared to anything on-line today!

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    0laf5on reacted to Britannia47 in Today I Received.....   
    Definitely one of my favourites as well….bought these from Chards 14 years ago!

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    0laf5on reacted to KevjustKev in Today I Received.....   
    Just the one, but helps out with the 2021 collection

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    0laf5on reacted to Sovhead in Today I Received.....   
    6 nice half sovs from the girl in the pawnshop 😬

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    0laf5on reacted to Charliemouse in Sovereign Photo Thread...   
    2007 Proof Full Sovereign
    I decided to reshoot this coin for a couple of reasons.
    Firstly, I actually missed the focus on the front edge - just didn't notice.  You can see it's soft around the 3 o'clock edge.  I simply didn't start the focus stack closer enough, and just didn't notice.
    Secondly, I think the back lighting I used to brighten the rim, is a little too bright.  It's caused a lot of quite distracting reflection, and if the edge was in focus it would probably glare.  I don't want the rim to be brighter than the face, just visible.

    The new version is definitely sharper.  Quite a different colour also, so I'm wondering if I need to calibrate my lights again to get the white balance retuned.
    Anyway, prefer this second version.

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