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  1. Started buying silver & gold in 2004/05 as I began my journey learning about fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, central banks, debt based money and the level of debt in the world. It served me well and I sold all my gold and silver to buy my home after a few years of post 2009 house prices falling and precious metal price rising. Making the purchase a lot less painful than it would have been if I left the cash in the bank at 0% interest rates. Sorting out the house & family life took over and precious metals went on the back burner. Started buying again by discovering hallmarked bits of lower purity silver that I found at car boot sales, local small charity shops and locally on Facebook & EBay that was round spot price or cheaper. Now I have the yearning for the 1oz, 10oz and kilo silver bars and coins that sold to buy my home.
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