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  1. Is it today the new sovereign is released for sale, or is it the 17th?
  2. Good to hear that this company is going to do the right thing. They have just gone on my radar for future purchases. Thank you Bleyer.
  3. chrisdobb

    Alarm bells

    1% off what, where are they starting?
  4. Is it me or are dealers stock levels running at a very low level. I am in the market for some sovereigns but most daeler seem to be out of stock. One certain dealer seems to be more or less permanently out of stock but this now seems to have spread.
  5. have you ever heard of bartering?
  6. OK rephase that to realise your assets
  7. How do you liquidate crypto when the system fails, what do you use to access it??? PM is for when the system fails!
  8. Is that an erection in gold or a gold erection? Good luck to you both
  9. ebay has got to be more of a risk, it seems to me dealer prices are around about in line with ebay plus, with most, no delivery charges and lots of consumer purchase guarantees. These are the reasons I stay away from ebay.
  10. Seems like a reasonable price to me.
  11. Does her majesty really break wind, surely not.
  12. Their website is currently showing a variety of sovereigns at 5% premium! Has anyone used them and are they trustworthy?
  13. Wow Thanks so mush for that
  14. When it comes to selling them, am I right in saying they will need to come out of their cards for verification?
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