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  1. I look forward to seeing them in the trade section 😍
  2. It’s already been said but I agree, I would get an older year for near spot price
  3. I actually agree with @BackyardBullion that said it looks better in the flesh, it really does. I also actually really like the font - it keeps it simple & elegant, it also works well with the design of the panther. I’m excited about the next release! 🤗
  4. Hello all, So I know this is a bit of a controversial topic, but I wanted to know your thoughts on wearing cotton gloves when handling precious metals. I own a pair but I’ve never worn them 😮 I made a youtube video discussing it a while back. Viewers discretion advised (not for the faint hearted) Thanks for the coin @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer
  5. Will look that up also - any idea who it’s by? I’ve got my fair share of books but just need more on gold & silver investing
  6. I’ve already read the millionaire next door but haven’t heard of the silver bomb before. Will order that now. Thank you 🙏
  7. I can see £1400 by the end of this year. Once BTC starts dropping in December
  8. Be nice to see it hold over £1300 for a few days in a row!
  9. Gorgeous coin - worth every penny imo 😍
  10. Mine arrived today, gorgeous coin 😍 Definitely get some of these for your stack if you haven’t already! 🙌🏻
  11. So far that’s the only book I’ve already read - found it very informative!
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