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  1. Popped this one on Ebay, as I had a special reduced seller-fee offer, and it just sold for £405.50 (10 day auction).
  2. Hope everone's keeping well. Only my second post and probably not very interesting, but here goes. I bought a couple of 1869 full sovereigns years ago. I recall paying rather a lot for one. One is clearly a Die 15 coin. The other is either a very slim 7 or a 1. To my untrained eye, both look to be in similar condition. I've picked the Die 15 example to photograph. I've been quite cruel with the lighting in a bid to show any imperfections. Looking at it through a loop, it actually looks much better. Covid/Lockdown hit me hard as regards work, and I'll reluctantly be looking to move a few old, bullion and proof gold coins on over the winter, to help pay the bills. Is it OK to ask, on here, what kind of quality this coin is and what it might be worth? Apologies if this isn't the place. Thankyou to whoever replies in advance. All good wishes. Chris
  3. Hello all Many thanks for allowing me to join what appears to be an excellent forum. You were recommended very highly by a fellow Brit collector with whom I've dealt with very successfully. When I was making money (ie: before Covid and Lockdown) as a Mint Marque customer of the RM - I still get the emails and occasional hopeful phone calls - and regularly scooped up the more interesting new releases and a few sovereign sets and singles. It may be that I'll have to reluctantly move on a few items to assist with bill-paying, but we'll see. With good wishes and good health to you all. Chris
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