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  1. Welcome Agaumac from a fellow new member.
  2. @BackyardBullionThank you! Been watching your videos for a few months now and decided to hop on here after your video on the .50 cal 10oz Silver Bullet video. Have just gone ahead and bought one for myself in my first trade on here!
  3. Haha, I was given a 1966 Gold Sovereign to me by my dad, but so far I have only splashed out on a 2020 Gold Sovereign, a 2020 1/10oz Gold Britannia and a 2020 1/4oz Gold Britanntia. I just need to work on getting the versions for the 2021's now. Have even dabbled with platinum now with the 1/10oz Platiunum Britannia's for 2020 and 2021. So I can see how easy it would be for me to go down that road if my budget more allowed for it! 💸
  4. Hello everyone! Brand new user to this forum. I have only been stacking / collecting since July this year, so still relatively new to the scene in general. I have so far aquired a range of both bullion and proof coins and I'm really enjoying this as a hobby and an investment. Going to go for a consecutive years run of bullion silver coins (Britannias, Maples, Krugerands, Eagles, Kangaroos, Phillharmonics) starting from 2020 onwards and will be picking up the occasional proof coin and other bars / rounds when I can. I would have loved to have gotten in on the 2oz silver Queen's Beasts series, but kind of late to the scene and have only got the completer coin (which as a standalone coin is still very nice). I did however manage to get all the Black Flag series coins from the Perth Mint which I think are amazing looking coins. I found this forum via Backyard Bullion and I'm looking to use it as source of information and for occasional trading. Glad to be here, Deathce.
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