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  1. Interested in gold sovereigns on behalf of a friend. Must be good condition, no marks, scratches etc., recent years preferably & keenly priced. He might consider buying multiples for the right deal. Thanks!
  2. Sounds a great balance. Do you mind me asking which vault you use? I'd hold it near home if it was Gold but Silver seems a little bulky & heavy to hold.. Lol!
  3. Thanks for the heads up re Glint. Sovereigns & Britannias close to home seems a good plan too.
  4. Property was the long term plan, so I'd usually completely agree but I'm a little concerned the property bubble may be in danger of bursting soon.
  5. I would really appreciate hearing more experienced members opinions of BullionVault & if they are a good company to deal with, or otherwise. I'd also be interested in views on the Pros & Cons of storage. I'm new to all this & have noticed a number of people saying if you don't keep it close, you don't own it. With the economy looking dodgy, we are thinking of selling a small property & putting the proceeds into PM's. VAT free silver looked an attractive option but I'm not sure how practical it would be to keep this at home.. Lol! Obviously it wouldn't be VAT free either then. Any advice on this subject would be fantastic. Thank you!
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