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  1. I got a 2020 platinum Britannia the other day and it’s absolutely stunning.
  2. I’m aiming for 1/2oz per month, but hoping for a bonus which I’ll plough in also. Got crypto to buy too 👍
  3. Hi all, As above, just want one silver 2020 Britannia. Will need cheap postage included please. What you got? Thanks
  4. Have you taken VAT into account?
  5. Hi everybody, My wife & I have been trying to work out if she is best to opt out of the company car scheme and take the car allowance. We are struggling to say the least and it's really important we get it right. Would any of you kind people be able to assist us in calculating it out if I provide the relevant details? Basically, the number we are trying to arrive at is how much extra she would have to buy / run / insure / tax etc a personal car after tax. An online calculator I used comes out at £450 additional, but we work it out to more like £900 additional in her pay
  6. Replied, still available and ready to be posted today if required. Thanks
  7. Hi, thanks for this, yes it was, I have now emptied it.
  8. Hi all, Ill let the photos do the talking here. UK Postage only please, no international shipping at this time. Postage RM special delivery is included in prices for a quick sale. Baird 500g - £365 Many thanks
  9. Hi all, Selling off some of my stuff to re-align my stack. 1973 Proof Panama 20 Balboas (boxed with cert) x2. £95 each plus postage. 1998 Kookaburra 1kg coin. In case with COA. £850 plus postage. Baird 500g poured bar. Sealed. £415 plus postage. Geiger 100g minted square bar. In plastic presentation case. SOLD Unimet 100g poured bar. £90 plus postage. Will post in the UK only, payment by PayPal F&F or bank transfer. Thanks
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