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  1. Hi all, Selling off some of my stuff to re-align my stack. 1973 Proof Panama 20 Balboas (boxed with cert) x2. £95 each plus postage. 1998 Kookaburra 1kg coin. In case with COA. £850 plus postage. Baird 500g poured bar. Sealed. £415 plus postage. Geiger 100g minted square bar. In plastic presentation case. SOLD Unimet 100g poured bar. £90 plus postage. Will post in the UK only, payment by PayPal F&F or bank transfer. Thanks
  2. If I could turn back the clock, I'd buy a couple of monster boxes of 2oz Perth Mint Lunar Series 2 mouse. If only..........
  3. Well done Chris, and everybody who contributes to the forum. It's amazing to think I was member number #2, all those years ago. Long may it continue!!!
  4. I love this idea, well done Mick. Watching with interest.
  5. Taken on a what? Havent heard that brand for donkeys!!!
  6. I remember the same thing being said last time.
  7. Gimme 5, let me just go and check for you...........
  8. Today I received a beautiful 1999 1kg Kookaburra in presentation case. Thanks Chards 👍
  9. I could take you even further back to when spot was approaching £30/oz, many thought it would fly past that. Oh the good old days of paying £40+ for Britannias, just as I had started stacking seriously. I also took great advantage of the sub-£10 spot price late 2015 early 2016, so it all evens itself out in the end.
  10. Yeah, I learned my date run lesson a long time ago and got the worst one first rather than last. To be honest, I was hoping to drag it out a bit and just get coins here and there as they become available, not as much fun buying the whole set at once. Thanks very much though. D
  11. Hi all, Starting to get a date run of these together, so wondered if anybody had any for sale. This is the 0.625 silver ones rather than the earlier swastika reichsmark coins. Let me know what you have. Cheers
  12. Agreed, if it was just under spot then maybe worth having a tickle, but $10/kg there is no way it's silver. I reckon I'd pay $10 just to find out what it is though.
  13. Ha ha, I'm fatter too but absolutely no grey yet!!! I have never had any XRP, not sure why, just didn't like the minimum wallet balance I guess. I have ADA, and also used to have a ton of BAX but got rid of it just as the majority of the team were leaving. Currently in BTC, ADA, KIN, SYS, Pundi and Bomb. Got bits of hundreds of others but nothing worth mentioning. I sold about 650oz of silver, currently clawing my way back up there at about 150 now.
  14. Wow, hi Johnno, one of the very early members. Welcome back. I too have just started up again after a 4-5 year sabbatical. I sold most of my stack to buy cryptocurrency, not sure which one of us got burned worst!!! M6 is much more fun than some bitcoin though.
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